Good Ol’ Gruul Bloodrush



Today, I present to you, our faithful readers,  a Gruul (G/R) Bloodrush deck.  I’ve had decent results with it (more wins than losses), but more importantly it’s fun to play.  Which therefore means it’s good enough to share with you guys.  None of these cards cost all that much either, so it should be relatively cheap for you to construct.

Strengths: It plays fast, and can be pretty aggro since your creatures pump each other up.  If your opponent doesn’t have removal, things can get ugly fast.  This deck has a solid mana base with some mana dorks (Burning Tree Emissary and Zhur-Taa Druid) sprinkled in to move things along.

Weaknesses: For once I’m going to have to say that it doesn’t have any specific weaknesses. That’s not my way of saying that it’s some world beating deck,  it’s just competitive against all deck types.

The Deck (60)

Creatures (26)                                                  Spells (10)

4x Burning Tree Emissary                          2x Ground Assault

4x Skinbrand Goblin                                     2x Magma Jet

2x Savageborn Hydra                                   2x Mugging

4x Zhur-Taa Druid                                          2x Titan’s Strength

2x RubbleHulk                                                  2x Flame Slash

2x Fanatic of Xenagos                                 Planeswalkers (1)

4x Ghor Clan Rampager                            1x Chandra the Pyromaster

2x Zhur-Taa Swine

1x Ogre Battledriver

1x Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

 Lands (23)

4x Rootbound Crag

4x Gruul Guildgate

8x Mountains

7x Forests




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