Life-Gain Beatdown (Legacy)


dopI know what you are saying right now: “C’mon, a cheesy life-gain deck?!” Well don’t pass judgement..I haven’t steered you wrong yet have I?  This isn’t just any life-gain deck my friends. No, this deck isn’t about building up a mountain of life points that you sit on and giggle as your opponent struggles to even put a scratch in it.  The life points we get go towards a great cause:  pumping up our Divinity of the Pride, Serra Avatar and we can also sacrifice that stockpile to feed some Moltensteel Dragons.   In order to get life fast this deck contains one key card: Rhox Faithmender (well two copies actually). His ability to double the amount of life you gain allows you to pump up the creatures mentioned above at an insanely fast rate.  Who doesn’t want to play an 8/8 flying Divinity of the Pride on Turn 5?  Of course to keep that life total nice and high, you need to shut down your opponent’s offense. To do so, the deck contains Angel of Serenity, Pacifism, and a playset of Banisher Priest.  This deck is pretty fun to play but your opponent probably won’t agree.  Now on to the list:

The Deck(60 cards)

 Creatures (25):                                         Enchantments(7):

4x Banisher Priest                                    2x Ordeal of Heliod

2x Divinity of the Pride                        2x Pacifism

4x Kemba’s Skyguard                            2x Brave the Elements

1x Archon of Redemption                 1x Divine Favor

2x Rhox Faithmender                          Artifacts(1):

1x Serra Avatar                                        1x Hall of Triumph

1x Augury Adept                                    Instants(7):

1x Angelic Skirmisher                         4x Rest for the Weary

1x Angel of Serenity                            2x Riot Control

1x Watcher of the Roost                  1x Phalanx Formation

2x Doomed Traveler                            Lands(18):

1x Seraph of the Sword                      17x Plains

1x Seraph of Dawn                                1x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

1x Suture Priest

2x Ajani’s Sunstriker

Artifact Creatures(2):

2x Moltensteel Dragon


Note: If you want to be a real dweeb and add in another possible win condition..grab a copy or two of Felidar Sovereign, which allows you to win the game if you have 40 or more life at your upkeep.  I’m not into it, but hey whatever floats your boat.


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