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Deck List! Goblin Burn (Modern)

Hey guys n’ gals, we’re back again to share this really neat Goblin tribal deck. This deck is explosive right out of the gate with the ability to drop three 1/1 goblin tokens on turn one and thirteen damage on turn two. How, you ask? Well, by using Kuldotha Rebirth. Ideally, a good opening hand will include one Rebirth, a “0” cost artifact like Ornithopter or Memnite, a couple mountains and a couple Goblin Grenades. Sac the artifact creature to Kuldotha Rebirth on turn one to get the three tokens. On turn two swing with all three tokens, and during the second main phase sac two of them to Goblin Grenades. Bam. Thirteen straight to the face.


The List: (60 cards)


4x Reckless Bushwhackers

2x Goblin Piledriver

2x Goblin Rabblemaster

2x Foundry Street Denizen

2x Memnite

2x Ornithopter


4x Hordeling Outburst

4x Goblin Grenade

4x Lightning Bolt

2x Shrapnel Blast

4x Kuldotha Rebirth

2x Lightning Strike

2x Rift Bolt

4x Dragon Fodder

2x Faithless Looting


18x Mountains