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Mario Top 10: 10 to 6


As mentioned in the previous article in the series, I recorded the game play for the first video. Then, things (as they do) got crazy. So, I decided to put off finishing the videos until next month when school ends. As a result, this article for Mario Top 10: 10 to 6 will have its companion video next month as well. For now, enjoy this trip through Mario history with me. This time, with the added bonus of ranking the games.

10 – Super Mario Bros. 2 (First Played SNES)

After playing the masterpiece that was Super Mario Bros., I expected great things from this one, too. Then I played the game and, dear Lord, what the hell was that? I understand changing game play to suit a new game. Also, I get trying to keep things new and fresh. But, this game was neither of those. This was simply a reskin of another game with the Mario name. And, for me, it just didn’t work. In retrospect, I don’t hate the game as much, but in any top list, this one will always be at the bottom.

9 – Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

Honestly, this game is no better or worse than Super Mario Bros. 2. I flip flopped a bit between the two of them. This game only gets the edge because of the nostalgia of playing Super Mario Bros on the original Game Boy. The graphics are terrible. The controls are abysmal. Yeah, this should have been number 10.

8 – Super Mario Bros. (First Played Arcade)

I threw many a quarter away in this machine when the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter games were several players deep. Along with nearly everyone else, I died numerous times at that first Koopa. Eventually, I played it with tokens instead of quarters at the local Putt Putt arcade. I got a little bet better, but couldn’t get further than the 3rd or 4th level. Then, my parents got us an NES for Christmas and I played the game at home. It continued to surprise me into adulthood as I learned about the secret exits. Just a solid game overall.

7 – New Super Mario Bros (Wii)

This is the first game that my kids and I played together. The nostalgia of playing with my brothers combined with the new excitement of introducing the boys to the wonders of multiplayer Mario. Add to it all that the game allowed you to bounce off of your teammates and this offered hours of joy that I’d love to relive.

6 – Super Mario Wonder (Switch)

I got the chance to relive it some when Liam picked up Super Mario Wonder for the Switch. He and Quinn played through during Christmas break. One night, they invited me to play. But, I let them have their moment. Next time, we’ll have to play and get Aiden to play too.

The Verdict

Super Mario Top 10: 10 to 6 brings some old and some new. Join us next week for the top 5. Which game do you think will end up number one? If you know anything about me, it should be an easy answer.

Basecoating Stormcast Eternals: Warhammer Age of Sigmar 3


Last night, I finally got brave enough to attempt basecoating Stormcast Eternals models. I also (b) remembered, and (c) set the time aside to make sure that they got done. You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I spent far too much time doing the undercoating of the models. Then, as mentioned, I meant to pick right up with the next step. But, I got gunshy.

A First Attempt

Eventually, you just gotta “nut up or shut up.” And, you know me. Eventually, whether motivated by fear or courage, I always choose the former. If I’m being honest, some of my reticence comes from a pursuit of perfection. Even yesterday, while painting, they stress, “Don’t worry about messing up. You can always paint over it later.” Yet, several times I wiped up my mess with a paper towel. As you can see, there’s really not all that much for me to be worried about. I think I did a pretty decent job for my first time using this particular technique.

That Splash of Color

I felt a massive sense of pride when I completed the undercoating and removed them from my pile of plastic shame. Multiply that feeling by at least a thousand now that they have those little touches that the blue paint gives them. Next, I plan on working with the Leadbelcher to highlight them more and bring some color to the Kruleboyz. Look for that update most likley next week.

The Verdict

I joined the Age of Sigmar subscription with the intent of both learning the game and developing my painting techniques. So far, I succeeded on both counts. Now that I conquered my fear and perfectionism to start basecoating Stormcast Eternals models, I can keep working on the paints and pepper in new tutorials and playthroughs. Who knows? Warhammer might find a place on the YouTube page.

Marvel SNAP May 2024: A Blink in Time


I meant to post the Mario Honorable Mention article yesterday. I wanted the video to accompany the article. Then I thought I might post it today. However, with no time to narrate the video, I needed to make a decision, so I posted the article without the video. I plan to release the videos next month once school lets out and I have the time. The other plan this week was the comic articles. Smack dab in the middle of it I’m putting the Marvel SNAP May 2024 article.

New Locations

Other than Scarlet Witch, Magik or other characters who change the location, I don’t see the point of Cancun. On the other hand, Panoptichron works very well with quite a few strats in the game. I can see people having a lot of fun with that one.

New Characters


Image 1 of 5

On Reveal: Swap the last card you played with a higher-Cost card from your deck.

I played Blink to finish the weekend quest. I like the targeted abiilty and thin she’ll slot nicely into my On Reveal or Wong/Odin deck. When I watched a streamer unlock Nocturne, I said, “I don’t know if she’s good, but she looks like fun.” That more or less paid off as expected. Sage can give one hell of a payoff, Namora is another decent On Reveal and Sasquatch is going right in both my “Ones” deck and my Skaar deck. He’ll get played easily in both decks.

The Verdict

After two months of less than stellar updates, last month and Marvel SNAP May 2024 bring some fun back to the game. I gave up trying to collect the conquest variants and this one doesn’t excite me none, either. But, I like the rest of it and with Deadpool most likely coming in July, I don’t see myself giving up the game again any time soon.

Mario Top 10: Honorable Mention


I finally recorded the game play and put together the video for my Mario Top 10 Honorable Mention. I still need to narrate and post it, though. To be perfectly honest, none of the videos might be completed until after school ends next month. But, I wanted to keep to my promise of Mario in May. So, I wrote this article with the disclaimer that the video comes sometime next month.

Donkey Kong (1981)

I never played Donkey Kong in the arcade. As you all know, I’m an old guy who (mis?)spent his teenage years in an arcade and the movie theater and McDonalds across the hall at the Millcreek Mall. However, I played mostly fighting games at the time. Think Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and, yes, even Primal Rage. Sometimes, when hanging out in the arcade after Putt Putt, I put a token into Pac-Man or Gauntlet. It wasn’t until recently, when I discovered the cabinet at The Quarters, a local barcade, that I picked up Donkey Kong. Now, every time we go, I try to surpass the high score.

Donkey Kong Jr. (1982)

On the other hand, I owned Donkey Kong Jr. for my Atari 2600. At some point, I must have played it on the NES, too. Because I remember the terrible Atari graphics. I also remember the much better NES graphics. In either case, I enjoyed the game much more than the original Donkey Kong. I still do. The added challenge of the different height platforms as well as climbing vines and moving targets made the game much more enjoyable in my opinion.

Mario Bros (1983)

Back when I tried to launch Mario in March last year, I wrote about my history with the Mario franchise. As part of that, I recorded some video of the early games in the series. One of those videos showed the Atari 2600 version of Mario Bros. Again, as an old man gamer, that’s when I got my start in video games. And, at the time, I was happy for the opportunity to play all of these arcade classics at home. Hell, even today, I own an emulated Atari 2600 system and purchsed Circus Convoy for it.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

The only game released in the last two decades, I discovered this one working overnights. Before we got busted for napping on the job, they allowed us little perks for the inconvenience of having to stay awake. One of them was the ability to play our portable gaming systems. I bought an emulator cart for my GBA and loaded this game. The rest, as they say, is history. I love the puzzle game with the Mario game play. I nearly put it in the top 10 even though it’s not a traditional Mario game.

The Verdict

Each of these titles in the Mario Top 10 Honorable Mention holds a special place in my heart and represents a different era in my gaming life. Since I restricted myself to the more traditional type games in the actual top 10, I needed a place to show them off. Let me know if you have any others that you’d add.

Second Mario Movie: What We Know


What do we know about the second Mario movie? Well, we know there’s going to be one. That’s about it. They announced the news a couple of months ago on Mar10 day and followed up with little else.

What Do You Think About the Trailer

There is no trailer currently

Will It Be A Direct Sequel?

We don’t know that.

Will the Stars from the Original Return?

If it is a direct sequel. If not, maybe. But, we don’t know that.

What Will the Plot Be?

We don’t know that.

Will there Be Another Attempt at an EGOT?

“Peaches” nearly broke into the Billboard top 50. By charting, it made the song eligible for a Grammy. Jack Black’s performance of the song, along with his role as Bowser in the movie (which he easily can reprise in a TV show and Broadway musical adaptation) should have garnered him an Oscar nomination. So, in closing, we don’t know. But, we can hope.

When Will the Move be Released?

We do know that. April 2026. Wait, what? Not on Mar10 day? WTF.

The Verdict

The second Mario movie exists. Well, it will. The rest of it? Well, we don’t know that yet.

All of this information comes from nowhere. If you don’t believe me, follow the link.

Fallout Episode 3: The Head


Welcome to the third installment in my weekly review of the Fallout television show. As you will see, this episode is a bit of a filler episode. I saw another review talk about it as “moving the chess pieces on a chessboard” and I agree. Fallout Episode 3 shifts from one character or party to another in rapid succession. We get all of the mains; Max, The Ghoul, Vault 33, and Lucy. Plus, Thaddeus makes another appearance and there’s little concentration on the NPCs from episode 2.

Plot Summary and Analysis

Click here for the plot summary.

I said that the last episode hit the ground running. Fallout episode 3 crawls a bit before running. We get more background on Cooper and his family. Then, some short scenes catching us up with The Ghoul and Lucy and their quest for the head. I appreciate keeping these parts short because, as I said, not much happens.

It still looks like this might be a complete filler episode (surprising with only eight in the season) when Max works on the armor. We finally get some action with a pretty cool fight scene. I compared it to Jackie Chan, which isn’t accurate, but it’s definitely not as long or detailed as one of Chan’s. Plus, we get to see a guy’s head squish. Always welcome.

Those waiting for a Deathclaw must continue to wait. But, they give us a gulper. I never knew about gulpers because I only played a bit of Fallout 4 and never played Fallout 76. Come back in June for the “Fallout from the End of School!” The thing looks right at home in a roster of mutated creatures from the Wasteland.

Meanwhile, we get a visit back to the vault. Surprisingly, the scenes hold up against the rest of the episode mainly because Norm shows himself to be one bad mamajama. Also, I expected the entire Max and Thaddeus story to be Max simply torturing Thaddeus to get him back for all of the pain caused. Teach me to underestimate them again.

The rest of the story serves the purpose of moving those chess pieces. The ghoul keeps Lucy, presumably simply to torture her before killing her as payback for losing the head. Max and Thaddeus seem on the way to reconciliation eventually. And Cooper and his family exist happily in the past with no inclination of what horrors await them.

Character Profiles

Cooper and Family – We get more background about Cooper. He’s a softy who doesn’t even want to kill in the movie. Then, we finally meet Barb, his wife. Their daughter completes their loving family trio. What could have happened to break these two up?

Lucy – She continues her relentless optimism in the face of the horrors of the Wasteland. Her conversation with the head, often used in television shows to show that a character is breaking, actually endears her more because it’s just her thinking aloud and trying to figure out why this man asked, no begged, her to cut off his head. And, why does everyone want the grisly trophy so bad?

The Ghoul: They do an excellent job of contrasting the good nature and loving personality of Cooper with the absolute abomination that The Ghoul has become. He’s not even an anti-hero. He’s just a straight up villain. Initially, I grasped at straws to make him one of my troubled, but ultimately understandable at least, flawed heroes. Like Walter White. But, like Walter White, The Ghoul is just a monster. Leaving CXr0r like that? Screw off.

Max and Thaddeus: This development surprised me the most. I’m not sure why. I like games that are less game and more story. When discussing with a student, who I discovered watched and enjoyed the show, she mentioned that she never played the game. Just watched people play. I replied, “I’ve played the games, but I’m mostly interested in the lore and world they built. I find myself getting lost in Fallout wiki rabbit holes often.”

CX404 – Just a good girl who finds love where she can. Her loyal streak shows up again when she attacks the gulper to save Lucy and The Ghoul. Then, The Ghoul repays her by abandoning her.

World Building and Setting

We get mostly just get filling in the blanks and gaps in this episode. Some familiar sights and call backs to help heighten the realism and make us feel at “home”. But, nothing along the lines of a Filly or even the abandoned house with the cyanide family. They concentrated much more on character development and moving the plot forward. That’s not a bad thing. Just means this section is much shorter this time.

Themes and Social Commentary

Okay, but only because I’m a card carrying (do they actually have cards?) communist, this section may get heavy. I will try to keep it to a minimum, though, in case the fascists win and end up finding this page. The old ‘Merica vs. Communism (fuck yeah!) gets introduced in this episode. They make no argument one way or another. I interpreted the scene as the excesses of the American way that push people to desperate measures and they are then punished for those actions. Someone else easily could come away with “Fuck the Commie. Kill him.”

We also see a morality play in the vaults as they consider what to do with the raiders. I spoke in one of my YouTube videos about being understanding and kind (maybe to the point of naivete) so I understand the point of view of those who want to rehabilitate. With that being said, I think I vote for killing them, especially when news of the Water Chip comes to light. It’s “Us vs. Them” and I don’t owe “Them” shit.

Along similar lines, Max seeks revenge against Thaddeus for all the shit he had to endure in the Brotherhood. Then, he gets more on the story about Thaddeus and learns that the man actually respected him and felt bad for everything. Am eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. And, that, folks, is why I usually err on the side of peace. But, I will cut a bitch for trying to take my water.

Narrative Structure, Pacing, and Soundtrack

I plan to talk more about the soundtrack in a summary episode at the end of the season. Because, at this point, all I ever say is that the music fits each scene perfectly. Nothing changes in Fallout episode 3. Especially the closing song with Cooper mugging it up for the Vault Tec commercial. For someone who got suspended on Twitter for calling Jack a silicon valley whore, that makes me smile.

Because they wanted to move those chess pieces, they shift quickly between each scene and character. I should probably give whoever said that credit. Actually, you know what? I think that might just be a tagline or AI created content. If it’s you and you find this page, let me know. I will give credit. There is precedent for this happening.

Getting back to the quick shifts, I welcome them for this episode. It kept things moving and didn’t bog us down for very long on any one story. I know it probably seems like I’m shocked at this development, but I grew up with a lifetime of shitting video game and super hero movies. I often need to pinch myself that I now live in a time where these subjects get respect and proper treatment.

The Verdict

Fallout episode 3 easily could have fallen into the trap of being “just filler”. Again, an odd choice with 8 episodes in the season, but it could have happened. I compared the show earlier to “Breaking Bad”. This episode reminds me of the fly episode from that show. What easily could have been stupid and boring may be remembered as one of the most pivotal episodes in the show.

Welcome to Mario in May


I planned a Mario in May March event nearly ever year since starting the page. Only last year gave me enough time and content to make it work on a level other than simply planning. I still feel underwhelmed by the effort and want to make up for it this year. Already I feel better about things with the banner I made. Simple, yet effective. And, so, let me welcome you to Mario in May March 2024.

What is Mario in May March?

To answer that question, let me tell you a story. Quinn, as you may know, swims for the local swim team. He came close to qualifying times for the states competition. We drove down to Southbridge (about an hour drive) on Saturday (the 9th) to give him one last chance to qualify. He came close, but ultimately missed by less than a second. Still good news because he almost assuredly will make it next year.

What does that have to do with Mario? Well, while driving, he said, “Tomorrow is Mario day.” Christine asked, “What?” We both replied, “March 10. Mario Day.” Her, again. “What does March 10 have to do with Mario?” He took the opportunity. “Mar10. Mario.” “Oh,” she said, “Clever!”

And, because of that, I wanted to celebrate our favorite plumber for an entire month. Articles, videos, maybe a new audio show if I can make it happen. Just everything we do here with a Mario flair.

The Verdict

It remains to be seen if Mario in May March 2024 improves on last year. I hope that I can bring you lots of fun and interesting content over the next month. So far, right on schedule. Stay tuned for the rest.

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