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Blond’s Dice Masters Age of Ultron Top 10

I know that I’m a little behind the times as the A.o.U set released a few weeks ago but despite that oversight (I blame work and non-nerd life), I wanted to share the top 10 cards that stood out to me as being useful in all formats:

10. Jocasta: Patterned After Janet: A super rare but her ability to do direct damage once per turn when she is first hit is brutal..and she is relatively cheap to buy (in the game, not in real life) at 4 energy. Her defense stat also makes her tough to take out so it’s almost guaranteed that your opponent will feel the burn.

9. Giant Man: Dr. Henry Pym: <gasp> a common!? Yes, a common..no special ability..just an incredible good value at 3 energy with the potential to field a 7/7 beast in the early game.

8. Magneto: Magnetic Monster: I know, I know, it’s a chase, which means that it’s incredibly difficult to pull/ afford one. I just really like the control ability he possesses though. He shuts down all enemy characters’ abilities if the character costs 3 or less. Screw those rush decks! Good ol’ control at it’s finest! Also, he doesn’t allow Professor X to be fielded so there goes those ramp teams too. His only downside is that he costs 6 energy to buy.

7. Loki’s Scepter: Piercing: It’s removal, plain and simple. Opponent’s character hits you. No damage done. Said character is KO’d. ‘Nuff said.

6. Rocket Racoon: Blam! I Murdered You!: His ability to pump up his attack by 2 when he attacks with another character makes him a great choice when it comes to a rush deck. Definitely worth his cost of 3 energy.

5. Beast: Bouncing Blue Beast: He has a low buy cost (2F), a low field cost, and has decent stats that make him a solid addition to any aggro team. However, the real value is his ability to give you 2 life whenever he is knocked out. Life-gain isn’t as common in Dice Masters as other games so this guy is a must-have.

4. Groot: We Are Groot: I tried to avoid putting too many super rares on this list but this guy is just really that good. He gives all of your fielded characters +3D, which obviously gives you an advantage as suddenly your characters just don’t want to go away. Put him on a bolt/direct damage team, pump up your characters and go straight to face while your opponent struggles to get through your blockers.

3. Loki: Trickster God: Speaking of direct damage, this guy’s ability is just plain nasty. When he is fielded you can roll an enemy die and he does damage to any target equal to the number of energy symbols or field cost rolled. His normal attack isn’t anything really significant but his defense values are pretty high which makes him tough to KO.

2. Phil Coulson: Man with the Plan: His combat stats are nothing to write home about but his ability to let you pay 1 energy to field a sidekick from your used pile is pretty damn cool. No longer do you have to worry about re-rolling that sidekick..roll it, buy yourself something nice, you can just field it anyways with this guy. I think he will have a home with rush teams as he allows you to flood the board.

1. Wasp: Founding Avenger: What’s the worse part of globals? Especially Professor X’s global? The fact that your opponent can use them too! Now with Wasp, they get stung for using any global ability (see what I did there? Wasp..stung…ah nevermind). I think she will see a lot of play since she only costs 3 energy which means that she can be utilized at the beginning of the game.


There you have it! Drop us a comment below and let us know what your favorite cards are from A.o.U. As always, thanks for reading!