Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary


This page trends more to the pop culture side of things lately. Sure, I wrote quick articles on Minecraft and Terraria this week. Plus, I dedicated next month to Mario (take 3? 4?). However, with the comics reviews, Noob’s Book Club, and this Fallout episode 2 plot summary, we definitely brought more pop culture than gaming during this gaming picnic. Fear not, though, fellow gamers! Mario in May, as mentioned earlier, promises to bring back gaming in a big way with our favorite plumber. If you’d rather just watch the episode, head on over to our favorite multinational conglomerate.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (I Know Life Can’t Have Been Easy Up Here)

This episode opens with puppies! In the incinerator? WTF? Anything under 10 ounces according to the poster on the wall. A doctor fudges the numbers on one of the puppies, brands it with a CX404. He later takes the dog and leaves the lab. While he waits to be passed through the checkpoint, other dogs with an electronic gizmo on their backs, train in synchronicity.

When he returns to his own lab, he trains CX404 on the treadmill. He also trains the dog how to sit. She lives inside a hollowed out cave in the wall hidden behind a chalkboard with notes about “Methodological Behavorism” and some mathematical computations. Later on, as the dog runs on the treadmill, the doc works on an experiment that looks to be a blue glowy pill.

He injects the pill into his head behind the right ear. It glows faintly below the skin there. Another doctor enters the lab and discovers, well, everything and they get into a shoving match. CX404 runs out to attack the other doctor and save his owner. A pool of blood runs and presumably the other doctor is dead. Sirens sound in the background.

The sirens get louder. The doctor and dog hurry to get the eff out of Dodge. As they run, a gatling gun with the friendly message “Please Remain Calm” shoots at them as they flee.

Opening Credits.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (Lucy in the Wasteland with Diamonds)

Lucy walks along the Wasteland to Bing Crosby, “Don’t Fence Me In”. There’s a bombed out building, a tent encampment, and she explores a freight ship in the middle of the desert. The ocean is off in the distance. A bit of tumbleweed puts her a bit on edge. “The Heck?” She says. Funny little scene. She enters into a building buried in the sand through a window. Looks very much like many of the buildings in the game. A family eating dinner now skeletons around the table. Looks like they took poison in their tea to avoid the fate of the bomb. She, now shocked, leaves.

At dusk, she starts a fire, sets an alarm on her Pip-Boy, falls asleep. She appears to be content.

A growling dog wakes her up. She fears it may attack her. Instead, it attacks a creature in the darkness and drags it back to the camp. A rad roach. The doctor is sitting next to her fire in a lawn chair. He regales her with the old joke about roaches surviving a nuclear blast. Instead, he says, they improved. Larger thorax to ward off attacks, extended antennae to pack hunt, incisors to help ingest larger prey such as yourself. He admonishes her by saying that he’s not sure she’s up to it. “You need to adapt. Will you want the same things when you become a different animal altogether.’ Great line. He leaves without identifying himself. A creature growls in the distance.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (Titus is Dead. Long Live Titus)

A vertibird flies over a lake. Maximus and his knight and a pilot are on board. Maximus tries to get the knight’s attention by talking about his armor. The knight forces him to clean his codpiece. The knight asks to be set down because he’s bored and wants to shoot something. Max tries to remind him that they are supposed to search a town called Filly and they’re still miles away. The knight ignores him again and jumps out of the craft. The vertibird takes off. Titus and Max walk into the distance.

Doc and the dog take a seat in a forested area near an abandoned cave or other shelter of some kind. There’s a hazardous waste sign. The doc eats some Cram while the dog goes off and retrieves a human hand. Doc sees bones. A creature roars in the cave.

Max and Titus stumble upon the doc’s encampment without realizing it at first. Max sees the Cram can and the doc’s jacket. He realizes it’s the target. The creature growls and Max sees the bones. Titus curses. They head into the cave. There’s definitely hazardous waste. Titus sends Max to search for the target. Max doesn’t want to because he has no armor. “You earn the suit through acts of bravery.” Titus berates Max. A radiated bear sneaks up on Titus and they fight with Titus getting the absolute shit beat out of him. Max “tries” to get a good shot on the bear. The bear plays with Titus after he tries to play dead. Titus asks Max to shoot it. He hesitates slightly before finally braining the thing. Titus removes his helmet with help from Max. It’s Michael Rappaport!

He berates the shit out of Max and then goes off about how the Wasteland sucks. The clerics, too. With their bullshit, sending me on stupid missions for relics that turn out to be a fucking toaster oven. Know what you can do with a toaster oven? He laughs and asks for a Stimpak. Max hesitates again. He continues to berate Max, the one thing standing between him and death. Titus torments and threatens him. He keeps going. Max holds the stimpak. The flashback again. When Max thought the knights were honorable.

Max: “It’s a knight’s duty to better this fallen world. You don’t deserve that armor.”

Titus: “You think you do?” “They’ll kill you for this.”

Max: “Not if I bring back the target.”

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (Lucy and Maximus Level Up)

Some nekkid dude clangs on a water purifier. Lucy pulls up in her chipper state with a gun. He says he has neither weapons nor money. She just wants directions. No matter how much sand I put in it, I just get sand. Have you tried water for your water filter? You got water? Would you like a sip? He chugs it. Sorry, I might need that. Yeah, me too. Thank you. Haven’t seen a prisoner have you? Nope. Headed to Filly? What’s that? Town. Over that hill. Never been there. Never been over that hill? Nope, too dangerous. People get killed in Filly. Dad, brothers, aunt. You can stay with me. Could use a family to help with all the work. I’m real sick. Think I’m dying. Wouldn’t have to put up with me for too long. This could all be yours. You’re a good person for not shooting me with that gun.

Titus stands behind the armor. He steps in and fires it up. He smiles and giggles and we get a montage to Betty Hutton’s “It’s a Man”. Max dances and laughs. Throws a rock about a mile into the ocean. He then kicks one into the foundation of a crumbling building that crumbles further.

Max hears a tussle and sees two men fighting. He pulls one off the other. Not the first time I’ve been persecuted for my scientific curiosity. He thanks Max for saving him. The guy tells him that the other guy was “fucking my chickens”. Max isn’t sure how to process that. “Okay. On your way, citizen.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (In West Filly…)

Lucy makes it to Filly. Here’s the automobile graveyard I wanted to see in the first episode. Two citizens ignore her when she tries to introduce herself. A line of vendors selling anything you could want from the Wasteland. A hollowed out drain pipe leads down into the town of Filly. It looks like a Fallout town. Reminds me of Megaton. How many of y’all blew it up to see what happened? Looks like the ghoul is here waiting. A lady laughs at Lucy. Two men fight. She bumps into a raider.This is a rough and tumble town. 

A brahmin walks by and moos. Yep, there’s the ghoul. Just sittin’ and watchin’. She walk into a pawn shop. There’s a bobblehead in one of the cases. Lucy deduces from the fact that there’s Vault Tec equipment there that the owner of the establishment does business with criminals. I’m looking for one criminal in particular. The owner laughs and ridicules Lucy until she mentions the name Moldaver. Everyone knows who Moldaver is. Get out of here vault dweller. Lucy tells her story. You will go through a whole lot worse if you stay out here. I can tell by looking at you. Clean hair, nice teeth, and all ten fingers. Must be nice. I know it can’t have been easy up here for you…what with all the murder and dirt. Funny that she equates the two. Mission of the vaults should be important to everyone. Why? We’re going to save America. And, when, exactly were you gonna save America? The vaults were nothing more than a place for rich folks to hide while the rest of the world burned. Fuck the vaults. Well, thank you for your help, ma’am.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (Wilzig’s House Call)

Doc and doggo show up at Filly. They pass Lucy as she’s leaving the establishment and they enter. You again? I told you. You need to go home. You are not safe here. Nobody understands my situation. He knows a lot about the vault and her. I think I know enough to know you need to go home. The owner comes out to collect Wilzig and tells Lucy to GTFO. The ghoul makes his move. I’m looking for a doctor. You’re kind isn’t welcome here. Well, I’m gonna make myself welcome. I’m here to collect that guy’s head and get myself a hefty reward. She’s been given a whole lot of caps to get this man out of Filly. The ghoul blows Wilzig’s left leg off. 1000 bottle caps to kill that fucker. You don’t get shit if I kill him first. A raider tries him, then others. They all meet a gruesome end at the short end of his guns. You worked me up an appetite. He eats some cherry tomatoes. Two guys shoot him in the back (his back is to me). I’d offer you a cherry tomato, but you got a hole in your neck. 

Lucy sees Moldaver’s name in the shopkeep’s book. Ghoul takes out two more. Still eating cherry tomatoes. Shopkeep takes a shot and gets one in the leg. He drops some caps “for the tomatoes”. CX404 attacks the ghoul and gets stabbed. WTF. Does the dog die? .com Lucy looks for a weapon in the shop. SHe faces off against the ghoul. I’m going to have to ask you to leave him alone. I’m not sure of your circumstances, but your treatment of this man is unfair. I must intervene. If you try to hurt me, then I have to assume that you are the primary aggressor. And everyone will agree that force is justified. She shoots him to no effect.

Max shows up. “She said stand down, ghoul.” He identifies himself as Titus. Ghoul: “You gotta be fucking kidding me.” He takes a shot at Lucy. Max jumps in front to protect her. They have a little moment when he shows his face. Can you keep the man safe while I deal with the ghoul? Okay.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (Maximus and The Ghoul Engage in Fisticuffs)

Max takes everything the ghoul has and finally catches up to him to punch him into a stair case. Lucy helps the shopkeep with Wilzig. Max chases after the ghoul. He insults Max by calling the armor a 12 piece skillet set. They look for a new foot for WIlzig. It eats away at the stump. He says that Lucy can take him. Dammit. Daddy’s girl has to take him to the client. Lucy thanks her, but says no. The client is Moldaver. You ain’t getting there without something to bargain with. This gives you an option. What does Moldaver want with you? She steals dads! Goshdammit, okay! What’s the shithole?

Back outside to the ghoul and Max fighting with Max getting the upper hand. Lucy smiles. She’s smitten by this brave and noble knight. Who just got his foot stuck in the ground. Ghoul recognizes that Max is a newbie. Rule number one. Read the manual and he cuts a hose. Max swings wildly, then takes off. He loses control of the armor after the ghoul grabs him with a hook. She smiles again, unaware that Max is out of control. The chicken dude is back with serums, including “serums to grow a new foot”. Lucy and Wilzig get going. Max crashes.

Ghoul goes into the shop and sees the aftermath of the foot operation. He leaves and sees CX404 on the ground. There’s still a heart in there. He uses a stimpak to heal the doggo. A ghoul and his dog make their way.

Fallout Episode 2 Plot Summary (Wilzig Loses His Head And Possibly Saves the World)

In the wasteland with Lucy and Wilzig. Something with the initials CCCP on it. Lucy helps a limping Wilzig. They rest by the satellite? Yes, it’s a satellite that crashed to Earth.

“This will have to do.”

“It says we have 20 miles. How’s your new…oh golly. Holy moly.” His new foot is bleeding profusely.

“I’m not going to make it.”

“Listen. I don’t know who you are or how you know the things you do. But you are going to make it across this wasteland. And we are going to do it together.”

“No. I just took a cyanide pill. Vault-Tec Plan D. It was the most humane thing they ever made. It was quick, painless. Tasted like banana. I was surprised it wasn’t more popular. People will come after you. You need to move quickly. You can change the future if you can bring me to Moldaver.”

“How am I going to bring you if you’re–”

“Not my whole body. Just my head.” He gives her a saw and shows her how to use it. “I took the pill so it would be less taxing for you to go through with it. It will be easier if you just take my head instead of dragging my whole body.”

“You…you’re asking me to–”

“Please, I’m begging you.”

“This was the only way to get your dad back. I knew I could trust you. You’re a vault dweller. If you’re going to survive up here, you need to start acting like a survivor. Okay, Ms. McLean.” dies

“How do you know my name? Sir?”

Lucy has a momentwhere she just stares off into the distance. Then she goes back, fires up the saw, and gets down to it. Okey Dokey.


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