Chris and Shawn have been friends since meeting on the job at a local warehouse many years ago. They bonded over a mutual hatred of manual labor and a love for all things geek. More recently, they have been making up for lost time by engaging in video, card, and miniature games about once or twice a month.

The podcast simultaneously comes from a love for these games and shares DNA with that hatred of manual labor. Conceived as a voice for the noobs and filthy casuals in a sea of advice for “wanna be” pros from “actual” pros, Two Guys Gaming will bring fun back to games in the form of fresh perspectives. The podcast is not a “How to” play the latest and greatest decks. The podcast will not ever contain the words “nuke”, “prestige”, or “head shot”. Instead, we will focus on the unexplored, overlooked, and forgotten aspects of games. We will strive to be “not much ado about everything” games.

They have been joined more often lately by Shawn’s two older sons, The Gamer Bros. They have their own podcast, own line of videos waiting to be uploaded on Youtube, and own opinions on the games people play. oin us daily for a new article, video, or episode of one of the podcasts we provide!

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