Fallout Episode 4 Plot Summary


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Let’s Go Sunning

A radroach climbs into the window of a bombed out house. The Ghoul leads Lucy through the streets of a city. 

Someone screams, “My name is Roger!” Roger snarls. The Ghoul takes her into the Westside Clinic. “My name is Roger.” and more snarling. Roger. Then yelping. Roger. My name is Roger. They come into a room with a ghoul on the floor, repeating “My name is Roger.”

“Fancy seeing you out here.” Roger recognizes The Ghoul. “Out for that bounty, too?”

The Ghoul asks how Roger is feeling. He says, “You know, it’s hard out here. I see you have a smoothie of your own.”

“You’re turning.” “You don’t happen to have any vials, do you? One puff and I’m back on my feet.” “Sorry, Roger, I’m all out.” “You and your smooth faced friend might want to get out before things get ugly.” “27 years since I started turning. Not as long as you, though. You’ve outlasted us all. How long?” “Long time, Roger.” The Ghoul reminisces with him about food before blowing his brains all over the wall.

Lucy: Why’d you do that? He was sick.Stop. I know it’s hard out here, but you don’t have to resort to…

What did you say your name was?

Want Some Ass Jerky?

Lucy. Lucy McLean.

McLean? Hmm. Well, Lucy McLean, it ain’t all canned peaches and marmalade up here. Sometimes a fella has got to eat a fella.

He cuts open the ghoul and eats.

My vault endures hardships, too. The famine of 77. Couldn’t work the crops. People starved. My mom. My dad dropped to 128 pounds but he never resorted to anything like this.

The Ghoul laughs. There’s what they did and what they said they did. I bet your daddy was first in line at the cookout. I bet he had a bib with a drawing of his neighbor’s ass on there.

How do you live like this? Why keep going?

Well, one good question deserves another. Why the fuck am I doing all the work? Now come on vaultie. Ass jerky don’t make itself.

Lucy takes the knife. 

Title Screen

Fallout Episode 4 Plot Summary (Hello, How Ya Doin’?)

Michael Brown – “Just Fine” (can’t find on YouTube)

Reg and Woody hang posters to run for new overseer. Reg drinks coffee while they look on to one of the prisoners. He wakes up and Reg tells him to be careful so he doesn’t injure himself. They plan to tranq him again for his own safety.

Norm looks at a picture of his dad on his Pip Boy. Betty offers pie and they sit and talk about the assembly and Norm’s outburst. They talk about his father, sister, and how he’s the last surviving McLean in the vault. He feels shame about hiding during the raid. She leaves him with the advice to “tread lightly”. She’s afraid of what he might do.

I’ll Never Be Like You

The Ghoul and Lucy walk through another town. He’s got his ass jerky drying on his pack. They come to a radiated water source. He drinks. She’s thirsty enough to drink as well. 

“Now you’re getting it. How’s that Golden Rule jibe with what’s going through your head right now?”

“What are you?”

“Oh, I’m you, Sweetie. Just give it more time.”

The Ghoul falls into a bad coughing fit. Lucy uses it to try to get away. When she comes to a bomb pit, he lassoes her and brings her back. In the struggle, she bites off his finger. “There you are, you little killer.” He takes a knife and cuts hers off. “Now that right there is the closes thing we’ve come to an honest exchange so far.”


Back in the vault. Chet sits down to eat. Someone knocks on the door. Stephanie came by to see how he’s doing. “Not great” he admits. Lost Lucy and his job. How are you doing with the death of the father of your unborn baby. “Same”. She brought over some of his stuff to see if he wanted it. “He took great care of his shoes.” “It’s one of the few things he loved. Get him talking about shoes and he’d talk until everyone else left the room.” “It would mean alot to me if you took Bert’s shoes.” “Thank you. I’ll try to wear them.” She also puts on a sweater and scarf on him. First she breaks down, then she starts kissing him.

He tries to take off the sweater. She makes him keep it on. He goes to finger her and her water breaks.

Fallout Episode 4 Plot Summary (Near Mint Condition)

Lucy and The Ghoul outside of a Super Duper Mart.

Ghoul: Transaction

Speaker: Yes (I know that voice)

Ghoul: Two months of vials for one female. Mint condition. He looks at her bloodied finger. Near mint condition.

Speaker: Her condition requires validation. Please send her in.

Lucy:What’s in there.

The Ghoul: You’ll see.

He pulls a gun on her and forces her into the store. She reluctantly enters. The Ghoul wheezes and passes out. 

There’s No Fudge Here

Inside the Super Duper Mart, there’s a merry go round and other assorted rides. A robot comes in.

L: What the fudge?

Robot: Fudge? There’s no fudge here. Only a General Atomics International Mark 4. That’s what I am. You seem to be a woman.

Lucy tries to tell her story and get the robot to help. She points.

R: You seem to have lost a finger. Ah, that won’t do at all. Let’s get you taken care of. Follow me.

She follows him.

R: Apologies for the mess. Time flies by lately. Especially since my temporal sensors went out in the Great War. That must have been a week ago at least. Would you mind taking a seat on that gurney there. The robot opens a drawer full of fingers Too fat. Too withered. Ah, that’ll do. You’re lucky I dn’t have to use a thumb. The finger supply is in a sorry state. Now, give me your hand. Okay, you’re going to feel a slight pinch. 

Lucy tries to explain more while he attaches the finger. 

L: That creature out there. He didn’t treat me very courteously. When I tried to explain the golden rule, he put a leash around my neck and made me drink from puddle water that I’m pretty sure was animal pee. I thought I was brought here to be a sex slave.

R: What?! No! What a disgusting idea. I’m simply going to harvest your organs. He tranqs her.

Anything But Innocent

Back in the vault. Norm works delivering food to the prisoners. He talks about his dad and how he would have helped the prisoners out. 

Prisoner: What are you looking at?

Norm: A murderer in a cage. Paying for what you did to us. What you did to the innocent people of Vault 32.

P: I don’t know what the people of Vault 32 were up to, but it was anything but innocent.

Norm sits in front of a computer checking out the communication records. Access Denied. He knocks on Steph and Chet’s door. She’s having her baby. 

Feel like getting out of the house?

Chet nods. Yes.

They walk to Vault 32 and clear the rubble of the explosion. They enter. Chet keeps repeating how “wrong” it is. They walk through the vault and find the fields dead. Chet is aghast. “See, whatever happened here happened a long time ago.” They walk through the fields into the Admin wing. They see someone stabbed with a foosball stick. “The last bio signal detected was two years ago.” Someone with a fork stuck in a toaster and rotted away. There’s something on the TV about mice and overpopulation and how they eat each other to stay alive. Another dead person mangled in the mirror. On the wall, “We Know the truth.” Chet wonders who killed them and that it looks like they killed each other.

Fallout Episode 4 Plot Summary (Martha)

Back in the Super Duper Mart. Snip Snip whistles along while he pushes the gurney. In the freezer section, some people in the freezers. Lucy dreams about her mother and wakes up to see ghouls in the freezers. Martha. My name is Martha

Two guys sit on a couch. Snip Snip shows them Lucy. “Our newest arrival.”

Guy on the L: Oh. Shit. What are they asking Snip Snip?

SS: Sixty vials.

L: We can do sixty. 

SS; Where are you from again? Lucy doesn’t answer. Never been there. Hope to go some day myself.

He goes to harvest her organs. “This won’t hurt a bit.” as a saw comes at her. She moves out of the way and cuts her restraints. She then uses a heart machine to zap him. “There’s no fudge here.” HIs last words.

She grabs some Abraxo and Snip Snip. She takes Snip Snip to the guys on the couch. Do what I say and Snip Snip doesn’t get hurt.

Can I Help You Have a Better Day?

L: It’s a robot.

Guy on R: Yeah, you might as well be holding an air conditioner hostage.

L: Well, an air conditioner sounds nice.

Lucy: …I put Abraxo drain fluid in his syringes. Snip Snip, tell them what Abraxo does to the human body. He says a jingle, then tells them it’s very poisonous. 

L: Okay, you can walk out of here.

Lucy: Not just me. Them, too.

They release some of the ghouls.

Lucy: I said all of them.

L: Lady you don’t understand. Those ones–She shoots a syringe.

They open the feral cages. The ferals attack.

Lucy: Oh gosh.

The guys try to shoot them but they get attacked. One attacks Snip Snip. “Hello” then jumps on one of the guys. “Good-bye.”

Lucy tries to reason with “Martha.” It doesn’t go well. She backs up and kicks against a gun. Martha attacks. Lucy shoots her. 

Snip Snip: Pardon me, Ma’am. Can I help you to have a better day?

Lucy: No, thank you.

A Rose By The Name of McLean

Back in Vault 32 with Norm and Chet.

Several people hanging from the ceiling. They crawl under a broken door. THe overseer is dead in a chair. Chet: “I think it’s safe to say they went bananas.” Norm: This doesn’t explain how the raiders got in. ON the wall in blood, “Death to management.” Chet: THese people were crazy. If there were any survivors down here they probably opened the door and welcomed the raiders right in.”

Norm looks on the computer and says it was opened from the outside. Chet says they’d need a pip boy. Norm replies that they did. His moms. Chet is fucked up at that reveal.

Fallout Episode 4 Plot Summary (Yee Haw!)

Lucy walks out of the Super Duper Mart and sees The Ghoul passed out. 

“You don’t get these, you turn into one of those. THat how it works?” The Ghoul nods weakly. “I may end up looking like you, but I’ll never be like you.” She leaves the vials next to his hand. “Golden Rule, motherfucker.”

Lucy walks off, checking her Pip Boy. She walks towards the bomb pit.

The Andrews Sisters: I Can Dream Can’t I?

The Ghoul sumbles into the Super DUper mart and takes a puff from the vial. He keeps going until he feels better and then collects the rest of the vials, drinking straight from one. 

The Ghoul notices one of his videos and drops the vials. He puts in the tape and turns on the TV. Watching the movie, he pantomimes the gun shot. The studio got their ending. Cooper shoots the villain.

“I hope you like the taste of lead, you commie son of a bitch.”

Yee haw!

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