Fallout Episode 5 Plot Summary


Again, we went two weeks between the previous episode and the Fallout episode 5 plot summary. This time I have a good excuse. Last weekend, Christine and I celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary in Boston. We went to a musical (Come From Away) and watched the Free Jacks beat Dallas in a thrilling rugby match. It became sort of a tradition last year that we repeated this one. If you’d rather watch yourself, head on over to our favorite multinational conglomerate.

Max Pays the Price for Coming Clean

Eerie music playing


Indistinct Chatter

Quick look at the head.

Thaddeus: I thought I had it. I really did. 

Maximus laughs. 

T: When you ripped that thing inside out and it’s guts went flying everywhere. I thought it was dead meat. That was pretty special.

Max: It was special.

T: Wait, you should brand me.

M: I don’t know.

T: But I’m not officially your squire until you brand me.

M: It’s late

T: whining C’mon.

M: Are you sure? It really hurts.

T: Yes.

Max brands him after they go through the process.

Thaddeus, excited, can’t wait to get back to the base and see how they all react to them getting the target. Max gets sappy and says he needs to come clean. Thaddeus says he can tell him anything. Max opens the mask to reveal his face. 

T: Maximus?

M: We can still be friends.

T: What’d you do? Where’s Knight Titus?

M: He’s dead. 

Thaddeus balks at not telling the Brotherhood because they’ll find out.

Max: I should have known better to trust you and he attacks. Thaddeus gets the upper hand and removes the core. Max threatens Thaddeus because he’s now stuck in the suit. Thaddeus grabs the head and takes off. Dog meat follows Thaddeus and the head. Max screams.

Fallout Episode 5 Plot Summary (Max and Lucy)

Back with Max in the armor. He’s sweating and woozy. Rad Roaches craw into the area and onto the suit. The roaches dismantle the suit. At least they start to. Then one blows up.

Through the rad roach guts, Max sees Lucy. She blows away the other two and squishes the remains. Max smiles.

Max: Hey, can you please get me out of here?

Lucy open the mask. That was you? Back in Filly?

Yes, that was me.

Why can’t you move?

Someone stole my fusion core. Can you let me out?

Believe me, I want to trust you. But, I’ve had a rough week.

Me, too.

Remember that man I left with? The glasses and whole body? I’m looking for his head. That’s why I’m passing through.

Lucy vomits. She’s got radiation sickness. Max promises RadAway if she lets him out. She wants to trust him, but pretty much everyone has tried to kill her. He begs her to trust him. She asks for his name.

He lies. Knight Titus.

She’s Lucy, though.

She uses the manual override to let him out. She then geeks out over the armor before passing out.

Norm and Chet

Back in the vaults.

Norm: How did the raiders get a hold of my Mom’s Pip Boy?

Chet wants to go home. Norm keeps pushing on. 

Dead bodies near Vault 31. Blood on the wall. We know what’s in there.

Chet again asks to leave after Norm wonders what was in there. They do.

They get stopped by Betty after Norm tries to come up with a lie, but Chet shuts him down. She, of course, asks.

I spite of what he said, Chet doesn’t have a heart attack. They say they were planting potatoes. She doesn’t buy it.

Fallout Episode 5 Plot Summary (Max AND Lucy)

Max gave Lucy the RadAway. She’s recovering. He’s foraging.

He had no idea people lived in the vaults.

What did you think was in them?

Monsters. She laughs. That’s what people said.

Nope, just regular people like me.

My squire stole something vital to the brotherhood. I need to go after him.

The Brotherhood. They have more T-60s? And guns? Yes to both.

I can track the head. Seems like everyone is looking for it, so I assume you are. Let’s work together. You get the head and I get knights to help rescue my father. 

She trusts him because he could have killed her, but he didn’t. She asks the same from him as the worst thing that ever happened in the vaults is someone doesn’t say thank you.

They shake on it to the battle hymn of the republic and go on their way.

Vote for Betty

Back in the vault. Betty, over the loudspeaker, asks for vote for overseer.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic still plays in the background.

Lined up, they vote. A dweller apologizes to Reg. We vote in private for a reason. I’m gonna vote for Betty. I got that impression.

A Quick Run Down?

Lucy and Max walk along the train tracks. 

L: Can I ask you a favor?

M: Sure.

L: Can you tell me what’s happened the last 200 years?

M: What you mean?

L: The last 200 years. A quick run down. I know about the great war and the bombs falling, and the 320 years of American history before then. Just need the last 200 years.

M: The bombs fell when I was a kid.

L: skeptical Is that what they tell you in your Brotherhood?

They go back and forth and Lucy tells a story about her mother and the light in the vault that she swore was the sun. 

L: So, like earth is round. Earth is flat. Where are you guys at on that?

A New Overseer, Same as the Old One

Norm sits at a computer terminal.

He’s trying to access personnel files for the vaults. He looks at the overseer records. All of them came from Vault 31 to vault 33.

Betty, lastly, who wins with a 98% majority.

Norm congratulates her on the win. A tense moment between them.

Fallout Episode 5 Plot Summary (Fiends)

Lucy and Max along the tracks.

They talk about the brotherhood’s mission and how weird it seems.

Two other people on the other end of a traintrack bridge.

You armed?

No. Yes, we are.

You armed?

No. Just gonna walk on by. Is that okay with you?

Max asks for her gun. They’re all lying  Everyone is armed. 

Lucy tries to keep the peace.

What the fuck are you talking about is their response.

Oh, okay. On the count of three, let’s raise our hand. We don’t have weapons. Neither do we. Well, can we give it a try? 

They go to opposite sides of the bridge, raise their hands.

Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass, Lady Fingers.

They start to walk to their destinations. Slowly and suspicious.

They notice the Pip Boy, smile, and draw their guns. Max takes Lucy and shoots them both in two shots. She’s stunned, in spite of her earlier suspicions of Max. Max was shot. She’s concerned. He blows it off.

They were fiends. What’s that? People who eat people. I hate it up here.

Vote 31….

Back in the Vault

Woody admires his poster.

“You ran a great campaign.”

I know, I put 10 posters up.

That’s what you do. You put the posters up and let democracy take it’s course.

When things look glum, vote for someone from Vault 31. I voted for Betty.

…they have great mashed potatoes

Norm and Chet with the baby.

Norm: You don’t think it’s weird that every elected overseer is from Vault 31? They did the exact same thing in Vault 32. 

Chet: Nope, by all accounts, they have more resources and a better education system. Plus they have the slogan.

Norm: When things look glum, vote 31.

Chet: Shh, it’s a powerful slogan.

Norm: You think 200 years of history comes down to a slogan?

Chet: I don’t know why. They just do.

Norm: If it’s not worrisome, why are we whispering?

Steph comes in. She’s from Vault 31. 

Before he leaves, Norm asks, How is Vault 31 different from here?

S: What did your dad tell you?

N: Not much. That’s why I’m asking.

S: Maybe the mashed potatoes were a little better?

N: Yeah, that’s what my dad used to say.

S: Must be true then.

N: Yeah, right. Must be true.

close up of mashed potatoes. Norm eyes them.

Betty will be hosting a vaultwide meeting tomorrow at 10 am.

Fallout Episode 5 Plot Summary (Wither Shady Sands)

Max and Lucy arrive at Shady Sands.

Max: What?

Lucy: This isn’t real, right?

Max: You never heard about the New California Republic?

Lucy: 34k people lived here after the war?

Max: Yeah.

L: What about Reclamation Day? The entire purpose of my vault was to come up to the surface and restart civilization. Reclamation day. It’s what keeps us going. It already happened without us.

M: If it makes you feel any better, it didn’t work out. Hey. Come.

Lucy is, again, stunned by the lies.

Max takes her through a building to the bombed out center of the town. 

L: What happened?

M: It’s the same thing that always happened. Everyone wants to save the world, they just…they disagree on how.

L: I wonder if anyone survived.

M: I did.

Another flashback to Max climbing out of the fridge and seeing the armor. 

M: We should keep moving. 

L: This is more than a graze (the bullet wound). We need to get you help.

M: We need to get the head.

L: Come on.

She leads him to Hawthorne Medical Lab. A division of Vault-Tec

M: Wait. There could be anything in there. 

L: Yeah, like a first aid kit. 

They focus on an insignia on the ground.

Lucy enters. Max follows.

She’s gone.

He searches for her, finding a door that says Medical Supplies. The inner door is fake. A alarm goes off, gas is released, a red light flashes, and Max falls down a trap door.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Vault 33 door opens.

Dwellers amassed. They follow Betty and group around her.

Betty: It is important for me, for us all, to see this place together. As a family. As a community. 

Chet: What is going on here?

Betty: I’m announcing a resettling campaign because the vaults are too important to keep empty. Some will stay in Vault 33. Others will move to Vault 32.

They transfer between what Norm and Chet saw in Vault 32 and the new and cleaned up Vault 32. Norm flashes back to the guy with the fork in the toaster, the dead bodies and blood and the dead overseer.

Betty gives an inspirational speech about how lucky they are. Find anything interesting?

Norm: Great job cleaning up.

Betty: THe raiders destroyed so much. But not our spirits.

Norm: When my mother died, what happened to her Pip Boy?

B: It was buried with her.

N: How can you be so sure?

B: Because I buried her myself. Me, and your father.

Norm isn’t convinced.

The Best Place in the World

Lucy and Max lie on gurneys. She wakes. He’s still out. A sign in the back says, “Caution: Falling Objects.” Funny.

She stands up and explores. Max starts awake.

Max: Where are we?

Lucy: It’s okay. We’ll be all right.

M: What is this place?

L: We’re in the best place in the world. 

She smiles. We’re in a vault.

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