Gamer Bros. (Liam and Aiden)

The Gamer Bros. are Shawn’s two older sons, Liam and Aiden. They will occasionally be featured on the podcast in their own segment and in videos that will be designed to teach people about the various games that Chris and Shawn play. For now, see below for some of their favorites.

Liam is absolutely a Pokekid

Favorite Game: Pokemon

Favorite Card Game: Pokemon

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon

Favorite Board Game: Monopoly

Favorite Pokemon: Piplup

Magic the Gathering Commander: Sisters of Stone Death

Aiden introduced me to the insanity that is Minecraft

Favorite Game: Minecraft

Favorite Card Game: Pokemon

Favorite Video Game: Minecraft

Favorite Board Game: Sorry

Favorite Pokemon: Treecko

Magic the Gathering Commander: Maelstrom Wanderer

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