Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary


Didn’t know if I’d get to this Fallout episode 6 plot summary today or tomorrow. Nothing as serious as the two week wait last time. Chris and I planned to hang out today. But, those plans changed. So, I sat down, watched the show, and took my notes. Good thing, since I put it on the schedule for today. As always, if you’d rather watch for yourself, head on over to our favorite multinational conglomerate.

A Vast and Mighty Place

Galaxy News Update

Oh. Hello there. Yep, it’s me. Cooper Howard. Star of Stage and Screen. But I’m not here today to talk about my latest picture. No, I’m here to show you a vast and mighty place. Not made by God almighty but the working man. A veritable Camelot of the nuclear age. 

Now how about we turn on some lights.

Vault 4 door.

Cooper takes us for a tour of the vault.

Then, he takes us into one of the domiciles. Introduces us to the Hawthornes, scientists. They wil be living down there in a society run by scientists.

C: Wait a minute. Did you say living down here? Well, there’ hasn’t be a nuclear incident has there?

Dad Hawthorne. No, not yet. But we are going to conduct a 5 year experiment in Vault 4. To show that no matter what happens, America will be ready.

C: Well, I play a hero on TV, but you are all the heroes here. And, we need more heroes. They show a phone number 213-25-VAULT to call to volunteer.

And, cut.

Cooper: That was a great take. Are you happy? Fellows, are you happy?

He gladhands the suits. He meets with a former executive of West Tek. They developed the T-45 armor. Cooper isn’t impressed because those design flaws cost many good men and women their lives in the battle of Anchorage. 

What’s the ultimate weapon against your enemy?  Time.

Hmm, Cooper.

The future of humanity comes down to one work. Management.

Cooper meets up with his wife and wants to get out of there. She reminds him there is a wrap party…at their house.

Cooper: The things I’m willing to do for you never cease to amaze me.

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (To The Future)

Cut to their house.

Cooper gets ready to do more gladhanding. He looks at one of his ads and sighs.

The Capitol Post has a headline about the war.

He sees his wife talking with someone and continues through the crowd. He overhears two dudes talking about peace talks cutting into profits.

We meet the man behind the voice of Snip-Snip. He and Cooper talk about how Cooper is getting shit on because of the end of the world ads. Sebastian condemns communism. One of the guests is wearing a Pip Boy.

He then asks how much Cooper thinks he got paid for the voice work.

Ten million?

No, I only got 186, pre tax.

Maybe you could have asked for more.

Well, I did ask for more.

What did they say? 

My agent got me one of the robots. Now, every time I enter my house, I hear my voice saying, “Hello, Sir. Wouldn’t you like to sit down?” What were they thinking?

Hollywood is the past. The future is products. You are. I am. The end of the world is a product. If we can successfully embrace that, the future is golden.

To the future. The future. Glasses clink.

RIP Snip-Snip

Fade to a close up of The Ghoul’s face. A bell dings.

A door opens. Snip-Snip chimes in, ever ready to serve.

A posse enters.

Ghoul:If you are here for the ice cream social, I have some bad news.

Sheriff: Get his fusion core.

SS: There’s no fudge here.

RIP Snip-Snip.

Sheriff: Destroying a legitimate business? That’s illegal around these parts.

G: Say’s who?

S: The government.

His cronies brain The Ghoul.

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (Vault 4)

Vault 4 door. Then inside. A doctor removes a tooth from Max’s shoulder.

Doctor: Using teeth for ammunition. Always finding new ways to kill each other up there. We’ll need, uh, an antibiotic. 

Dweller to Lucy: I know you mentioned you’re eager to keep moving, but your friend will have to recover for a few days.

Max: I’m fine. I’m fine.

Doctor: You had a rotten human tooth lodged in your shoulder. You’re not fine.

Lucy: Titus, this is a vault doctor. You should listen to his advice. Thank you.

They found his armor. Lucy is glad to be back in a vault. I don’t know if you’ve been to the surface, but it is…not good.

Dweller: I was born on the surface.

Lucy: I’m sorry. You seem so–

Dweller: Normal? My mother was a courier. We went to Filly. Could still feel the heat from the blast.

Lucy: You’re from Shady Sands?

D: Many of us are. We’re lucky to have found such a community in Vault 4.

L: So are we.

Like A Pimple

Lucy and Max sitting on the gurneys.

Max: You smell good.

Lucy: What? Sniffs Oh. You want to have sex?

M: You mean use my cock?

L: Yeah

Max chuckles weakly: I don’t know. That weird thing could happen.

L: What weird thing?

M: Well, it’s just for some guys–not me–but for some guys when they make it move, it gets all big and hard like a big pimple and then it pops. And they say it can happen to anybody, but it’s still gross.

L: That’s completely normal. Happens all the time. Every time, ideally.

Awkward stares.

M: I’m a knight. A knight of the brotherhood. We’re not supposed to.

L: Okie dokie.

She sighs and lays down.

Pan to the sign, “Test Subjects” and ominous music.

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (A Belated Welcome)

In the dining area of Vault 4.

Max: We shouldn’t be wasting time here.

Lucy: You heard the doctor. Besides, you said we’d find the head together. You’re no good to me dead. And, I’d feel bad.

Max: This is a cult.

L: It’s not a cult.

M: Everyone’s smiling.

L: TItus, this is a safe place where people take care of each other.

M: Well, why?

L: Because in the vaults we understand we need each other. Like I needed you on the surface. They hold hands.

Dweller interrupts them to introduce the overseer. A cyclops played by Chris Parnell.

Hey guys. Just wanted to say hi. And, obviously welcome to Vault 4. Just some housekeeping. Stay out of level 12, obviously. We prefer you not go there. Oh, and we only have one foosball table. So, if you want to play please sign up. If there’s no pencil, ask me. I have pencils. Oh, and if you are unsure how the bathrooms work, just ask. Asking is less embarrassing than getting it wrong. Trust me. We’ve had incident after incident with newcomers.  That should cover it. Any questions not related to pencils, or foosball, or bathrooms, Birdie’s available. And, once again, welcome to Vault 4. We’re glad to have you.

This Place is Weird

Max: Thank you.

Doctor takes his cap off. He has a nose on his forehead.

L: That was weird, right? The overseer. 

M: These people are too nice.

L: No, I meant his eye.

M: Lots of people have one eye.

L: Yeah, but his was in the middle.

M: Well, more to the left.

L: And what’s with the level 12 stuff…she pauses.

A woman with glowing blue eyes.

Lucy: Sorry. Have a nice day

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (One of the Good Vaults)

On the surface

The Ghoul flashes back to a memory of him and his wife in the hot tub.

He asks if she ever thinks about working somewhere else. She jokes that it’s a family business with him working on the ads. He says he’s thought about leaving the movies and getting a ranch in Bakersfield. What would she do? Just look pretty and help raise chickens. What’s gotten into you? A gin martini. Nope, really, just too much news has me rethinking city life. 

She picks up her Pip Boy. He doesn’t approve. C’mon, you’ve seen these around. Not on you, he replies. Well, Bud Askins…Bud Askins. Do you really want to spend your one life working 9 to 5 with these assholes? Well, the job guarantees us a spot in the vaults. We have money. We can buy a place in the vaults.

One of the good vaults.

What’s that supposed to mean?

She hesitates. I’m doing what I can, okay? Just trust me. Please.


A Fiduciary Responsibility

A newscast about nations fighting for uranium.

A friend joins Cooper at the bar.

Cooper: Sorry you missed the party the other night, Charlie. Guess you had one of your communist meetings, huh? We fought against that horseshit up north.

Charlie: And for what? 

Co: What do you mean for what? The American Dream.

Ch: Yeah, that American dream gets me shot in the ass by you.

Co: You have five acres. You’re doing all right.

Ch: It don’t matter, Coop. Vault-Tec’s the fucking devil.

Co: My wife works there. You really think Barb’s the devil.

Ch: No, no, I like Barb. Do you know what fiduciary responsibility means?

Co: No, I have no fucking idea. I play a cowboy for a living.

Ch: The US government has outsourced the survival of the human race to Vault-Tec. Vault-Tech is a private corporation and has a fiduciary responsibility to make money for its investors. And how does it make money? By selling vaults. 

Co: That’s called capitalism, Charlie.

Ch: But, they can’t sell vaults if these peace negotiations go through. So, Vault-Tec has a fiduciary responsibility that it don’t work out.

Co: Yeah. How they gonna do that?

Ch: I don’t know.

They talk about a movie and Charlie. He asks what happens when the ranchers have more power than the sheriff? The whole town burns down. Vault-Tec is a trillion dollar company that owns half of everything. And after 10 years of war, the US government is broker than a joke. The ranchers are in charge, Coop.

Cooper scoffs.

Ch: Unless the people do something.

Co: So, I guess everything’s a conspiracy.

Ch: You’re defending a system that’s ready to set the world on fire. Maybe you’re the one in the cult.

Charlie invites him to a meeting to learn the truth about where his wife works. For her sake. Cooper takes the card and asks for another drink.

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (No Dogs in the Vault)

Back at the Howard residence. A call from Henry from Vault-Tec for Barb. Cooper hangs up on her. He asks about a new assistant. Is Janey asleep? She’s reading Little House on the Prarie to the dog. Does he like it?

Barb: It’s going to be hard on her.

Cooper: What?

B: No dogs in the vaults.

C: Says who? 

B: What?

C: No dogs in the vault. Says who?

B: That’s just the policy. Dogs eat meat. It’s an avoidable inefficiency. 

C: That’s not the question. All I’m asking is who decided no dogs in the vault?

B: Well, I think that is a trivial concern.

C: I don’t think so. Who makes the rules? This is a new rule. Who makes these rules?

They get into a fight about freedom, the war, and his plan to go to Bakersfield.

No dogs in the vault. That’s final. They will end up in a special vault for management overseeing the other vaults. That’s the best we can hope for. For Janey. He apologizes. “I know you always try to do the right thing. That’s what I love about you.” They embrace

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (It Was a Bomb)

Vault 4

Overseer: When you turn the little hand up top, it all goes away

Lucy: Yep. That’s how a toilet works. I’m actually from a vault.

O: Oh, so you are. Goosey McLean.

L: Uh, no, it’s Lucy.

He puts on glasses. Nope. It says Goosey. That’s something. YOu don’t see a natural born vault dweller. We’re a dying breed. He drinks a moldy coffee. 

YOu won’t find anyone more open minded than me, but these people with their smelly food and ideas.

Why do you continue to take them in?

It’s a policy from before my time. If you want to keep getting elected, you have to respect their traditions, and tolerate them, and not call them “surfies”. It’s awful.

Lucy disagrees and thinks they’re doing a good thing.

YOu just can’t tell a funny joke without offending these guys. One funny joke I told on maybe ten occasions. 

What was the joke?

I forget. All I know was, it was a huge bomb. Pretty good, right?

Lucy is horrified.

O: She doesn’t get it. Any other questions.

L: Only one. What’s on level 12 and why can’t we go there?

Overseer spit takes: We don’t talk about that. Geez, what’s the matter with you?

He kicks Goosey out of his office. Skeedaddle.

A Hot Shower

Max finds where they hid his armor.  He sees it and smiles. Still no core. 

Max: Hey. Where do you guys get your power from?

Cut to the power room. Max tries to steal the fusion core.

Birdie interrupts him.

SHe asks how he’s adjusting.

DOesn’t matter. I’m leaving soon. Aren’t I?

She gives him the run around about taking time to get used to everything.

She gives him a key to a room of his own. Nothing wrong with a little bit of comfort. Hot shower, etc.

When you say hot shower, what does that mean exactly?

He walks along the corridor looking for his room. People are still smiling all the time. 428. There it is. The door opens. Max enters to see a welcome give on the table. Welcome home? With all manner of foods. Comfy furniture. A TV with a waterfall and soothing music. Give me the Simple LIfe, June Christy. Max listens and drinks water from the tap. Smells some soap. Takes that hot shower and dances. Puts on a fluffy robe and comfy slippers. Eats some caviar. Leaves to ask what it is. 

Fallout Episode 6 Plot Summary (The Fall of Shady Sands_

Lucy finds her way to the classroom. She smiles

On the board, “Remembering Shady Sands” and a construction paper model of the town. 

A timeline

2142 – Shady Sands Founded

2189 – New California Republic Created

2241 – NCR becomes the largest economic and political power in California

2277 – The Fall of Shady Sands

Mushroom cloud

She focuses on that part of the timeline.

New california Republic flag.

Dweller: It’s almost starting.

Lucy sees people walking. Uh, what’s going on?

It’s a surface dweller tradition. It can get a little rambunctious for my taste.

You’re welcome to come.

Lucy: Sure. She follows them.

A Meeting Between Friends

Back on the surface with The Ghoul and his captors.

They take him into a bar. His wanted poster is on the wall.

Well, shit.

The Ghoul: Sorrel Booker.

They laugh.

SB: I heard it was a ghoul that fucked up that Super Duper Mart. I didn’t know it was The Ghoul. You boys know who you brought in? This sumbitch here used to be the best bounty hunter to ever shoot a man in the ass. Kids these days don’t know their history.

G: Do you have a needle and thread?

Sheriff Troy: Sorry, we don’t do a lot of knitting around here.

G: It’s called sewing. I think I got some in my bag. 

ST hands him the sewing kit and a finger.

G: Would you mind? The rope. C’mon now, Sorrel. We’re old friends.

SB: Look at you. 200 years. I don’t know what keeps you going. Maybe you just like the feeling of that good old California sunshine on your wrinkly ass face. Or, maybe, you’re still looking for her.

G: Well, I can cross one off the list for you. I ain’t still alive so that i can have unintelligent conversations with dipshits like yourself.

ST brains him: MInd your godamn mouth. That’s the president of the government you’re talking to.

G: you’re a president now.

SB: Why not? 

G: Well, if you’re president, might want to hire a publicist because this is the first I’m hearing of it. Now, what I’m hearing is a whole lot of chatter about some woman. Name of Moldaver.

SB: They call her the flame mother. THat bitch is dangerous.

They go back and forth. He brought him in because the Super Duper Mart was under their protection. He can’t be let go because people would lose faith. Anything in your defense? Guilty as charged. Also, I shot up this town Filly. My daddy lives in Filly. Not anymore, unless he’s a coward. Now, does this apple fall far? I ain’t no coward. They take him to feed him to the hogs. He beats them both up and shoots them. 

G: Why is this picture on the wall?

SB: That’s Moldaver. Why?

G: That’s not how I remember her.

SB: How do you remember her?

Moldaver is the Flame Mother

Another flashback to “Hollywood Forever”, a cemetery.

Cooper stops the car, gets out, and enters into the mausoleum. He walks up some stairs.

Back in Vault 4 at the gathering. They take off their PIp Boys and look like they’re praying. Lucy smiles and finds a spot . Lighting some candles. The lights go out.

Cooper looks at the card. It says 4pm on the back. He ascends some stairs.

The dwellers exhale and raise their hands. Lucy joins them.

Cooper continues on his way.

Still raising and lowering their arms. And, getting naked. Lucy is unsure. She unzips her suit a bit.

Charlie thanks him for coming.

Birdie comes into the gathering. Lights two pyres. Flame mother, we remember.

Silhouette of Moldaver. We bring back the past as we remember

WE bring back Shady Sands as we remember. Boots walking

We bring back those taken from us. Repeated.

Lucy rubs ash on her forehead. By covering ourselves in their ashes.

Uh oh.

To bring back Shady Sands, blood must spill.

THey drink blood.

Oh, Flame Mother…you will be our salvation.

Mr. HOward? Moldaver. I’m a big fan.

They reveal a large banner with her picture on it. Lucy WTFs it.

You Were Right About this Place

She knocks on Max’s door: TItus! We need to talk. 

Max: Yes.

L: You were right about this place.

Max: No. You were right. Want an oyster. They make you feel so good. Want to make my cock explode now?

L: What?

M: Sorry, intercourse?

L: No, Titus. We need to leave. THey’re insane.

M: They’re like you. A little weird, but nice.

L: I get why you want to stay. I really do. I know this must seem really nice compared to the shoot show up there. You want to be somewhere safe. But this isn’t it.

M: They gave me a robe.

L: I know.

M: And slippers.

L: These people are hiding something. And I want to prove it to you. I’m not leaving without you.

Level 12

She gets into the elevator. And presses 12.The elevator stops. She walks down a corridor. A door closes behind her. She continues down the corridor. Presses a button to open a door to a lab. Authorized access only. A dead? Gulper bumps against the window. All kinds of jars and weird liquid and stuff in them. A tape of a woman giving birth to piranhas that then eat her. Yeah, Lucy, I’m with you. She shuts it off. Beeping monitors. As she goes deeper into the lab.A preggo lady in a tube. (Cryo-pod. And more. WTF.The lights come on. THe doctor with the nose comes in. Checks on the Cryo-pod. 

Glad you’re all right. Saw the door was open and thought that one of you might have gotten out.

Lucy tries to get away. Her shoe squeaks. The doctor sounds and alarm and grabs a “specimen control unit”, a harpoon gun. Lucy throws acid on him and fights others who answer the alarm. Birdie appears.

You’re crazy! You people are crazy!

Maxin and Relaxin

Max eating popcorn and watching the waterfall.

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