B/W Constellation (Standard)

*Sigh* I know, I know…it’s been since October since we’ve posted a deck list. Well, I’m here to rectify that problem right now with my very first Standard deck: Black and White Constellation. Pause. Yes, I said my very first Standard deck. In the past, we have been exclusively Modern/Legacy players but have just discovered that Standard can be a far more intriguing form of the game. Now back to the deck. Just like any good Constellation deck it contains mostly Enchantments and Enchantment Creatures that interact with each other and trigger multiple effects when they hit the battlefield. I actually just played this one for the first time tonight against Shawn’s Temur. It more than held its own and was a blast to play.

The Deck (60 cards)

Enchantment Creatures: Enchantments:

4x Master of the Feast 2x Armament of Nyx

2x Doomwake Giant 2x Aspect of Gorgon

2x Underworld Coinsmith 4x Banishing Light

4x Grim Guardian 2x Oppressive Rays

2x Sightless Brawler 2x Ordeal of Heliod

1x Brain Maggot Artifacts:

1x Erebos, God of the Dead 1x Spear of Heliod

2x Herald of Torment Lands:

4x Spiteful Returned 6x Plains

3x Baleful Eidolon 8x Swamps

2x Nyx-Fleece Ram 4x Scoured Barrens

1x Gnarled Scarhide


1x Soldier of the Pantheon


Note: Once Theros rotates out, this deck can be a killer Legacy deck..throw some copies of Underworld Dreams into this deck and watch it combo with Master of the Feast. Death by drawing.

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