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Gears of War: Judgment (360) Ia��ll admit that based on several negative reviews that I had read about this game, I passed on picking this title up for months.A� However, that changed a few weeks ago when I saw it sitting in the ola�� bargain bin at Gamestop with a nine dollar price tag. Nine bucks?! For a Gears game?! a�?Man, it must be god-awful…just a complete dumpster firea�?, I thought to myself as I rescued it from the land of misfit games. I figured I own the first three Gears of War games so why not? Turns out, that while there really isna��t much new about this game, ita��s still Gears, and ita��s still really, really fun. Shawn and I had a blast with it on our last a�?nerd nighta�?a��we actually played the SurvivorA�(Horde) mode for a good chunk of the night, which is rare for us as we usually like to cycle through games pretty quickly. My only complaint about this game is that the multiplayer options are pretty weak compared to its predecessors. Other than that, I didna��t find anything else wrong with the game. Our bulletproof (bullet-riddled?) strategy of Shawn running around like friggina�� Rambo and my character protecting the a�?E-holea�? (insert snickering here), actually seemed to work for the first 8 waves.A� After that, things got ugly fast:A� our AI amigos were busy being useless somewhere,A� a�?Shawnboa�? and I were used for target practice by Boomers and Maulers, and the rest of the Locust basically hadA� our “E-hole” for breakfast (insert high-pitched laughter here).

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