Rapid Fire: Random Thoughts Vol.1

-To all of the players still finger-wagging at Pascal Maynard for taking the foil Tarmogoyf in the Top 8 GP draft. I can see the green in your eyes from here. You would have done the same thing, you’re pissed that pack didn’t end up in your hands.

-It’s a good time to be a gamer..Dice Masters:Age of Ultron, Dice Masters: War of Light, Heroclix: Nick Fury, agent of Shield and MTG: Battle of Zendikar all in a 90 day period.

-To all of the players who screamed in unison at Wizards announcing that there wouldn’t be any enemy fetchlands in Zendikar: Creativity is better than reprinting and recycling. With that said, I’m fairly certain they will be reprinted at some point soon. Nothing is safe.
My apologies to the guy/gal who’s holding 5 Scalding Tarns…also, you need to sell those puppies now.

-MTG Origins in a word: Disappointing.

-Dice Masters: Age of Ultron in two words: Eff Yeah. (I’m well aware “eff” isn’t a word..Shawn’s kids read these articles too you know.)

-Mono Red,
Please go

Actual Strategy

-My Heroclix booster pack good luck streak continues. One pack of Avengers Assemble. One chase. Granted, it’s the mediocre one of the bunch, Giant Man,but still a chase. Too bad it was mispainted with his entire face being red instead of just his mask. Where’s quality control when you need it?

– Speaking of quality control..

Hey Wizkids,
Could you please find a solution to the warped card issue that plagues the gravity feeds? Great game, great price point, but gets a little annoying when you pull a rare card that looks like it’s been living in the spokes of a bike. My nerd cave is starting to look like a damn library from all of the books being used to flatten them out.

– Who else is as stoked as I am about the new Zendikar set once you saw the new Eldrazi, Oblivion Sower? 6 colorless for a 5/8 that can
give you an instant ramp by stealing your opponent’s land! Almost makes me want to buy the dual decks, Eldrazi vs Zendikar, just to get my hands on one. Ah, Eldrazi, how I missed you..

– I really need to find a better piece of armor for my D3 character’s noggin..tired of running around wearing Leoric’s Crown. I look like
the goddamn burger king. I can’t strike fear into the hearts of demons when my character looks like he should be trying to sell them *****ing Whoppers.

– While we are on the subject of D3; Nothing worse than stumbling upon a piece of legendary equipment that isn’t meant for your character.

– Anyone else completely underwhelmed with “A Million Ways to Die in the West”? Just watched it a few days ago. I had been looking forward to seeing it and even bought the blu ray. I knew that since it was produced/written/directed by Seth McFarlane it would be fairly low-brow humor, but this was just corny d***/fart jokes. Also, I
like to curse as much as the next guy (probably more actually) but it felt forced in the movie..almost like the scene had no joke written in so the main character swears constantly for no reason. I also noticed that he gave himself all of the monologues in the movie, also the funny(?)lines. Plus, the ending was crap.

– I had free time yesterday so I picked up the Marvel Civil War tpb. I forgot what a great story it was..until I got to the end. Amazing story, disappointing anti-climatic ending.

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