Rapid Fire: Random Thoughts Vol.5

Battle for Zendikar is such a terrible set. Even the casual guy in me can’t get into it. Sure, there’s Newlamog, Ob Nixilis, Gideon, and a handful of decent green ramp spells, but after that it’s just a set full of failed mechanics. Don’t hate the game, hate the set.

Speaking of Zendikar, have you seen the “Wastes” basic land card floating around online that’s a potential Oath of the Gatewatch leak? What do you think? Real or not? What about the Kozilek and Mirrorpool? Is Wizards really gonna throw in a colorless 6th basic land for one set? If they’re fakes, they’re damn good ones…

Rumor has it that we are going back to Innistrad after the Zendikar block wraps up. Should be interesting to see where they go with it as the first visit to that plane brought us some Modern staples. Will lightning strike twice?

Donald Trump, please go away. You’re a joke. The next time I see you I’m sure it’ll be on an episode of celebrity boxing..where hopefully you’ll get ktfo.

Who else is excited for Marvel Comics’ sequel to the Civil War storyline? I’m really curious as to what direction they are going to go in after the ending of the original (which is one of the greatest comic stories of all time).

Speaking of comics..Batman and TMNT is apparently a thing. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun read but a tad too gimmicky for me.

Getting the itch to get back into collecting comics..miss my old silver and bronze age horror collection. To this day Bernie Wrightson is my favorite comic artist.

Got a couple of deck lists coming your way in the near future. Both of which are RG aggro, one is Modern and one is Tiny Leaders.

Testing out my new Jeskai Ascendancy Storm deck this weekend. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing that deck list too. See? I don’t just post any ol’ deck..I playtest them first. Because I care.

Super Bowl Prediction #1: Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals (being a Pats fan, this prediction pains me).

Super Bowl Prediction #2: New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks part deux. For some reason every season this time of year, Seattle gets hot. Meanwhile, NE’s current injury issues should clear up just in time for the Playoffs.


Finally, I want to wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or whatever the hell else you celebrate this time of year.

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