Season of Change

Well guys and gals, it’s been 14 months..14 months of article writin’, podcast recordin’, gamin’ fun…and as with most good things,A� it has to come to an end.A�A� Hold on! Get off that ledge! 2 Guys Gaming is not going away! The only thing that is going away is the current format of our podcast.A� Starting next month, I will be stepping down from my role has co-host/ comic relief, and will hand the reins to Shawn’s sons, as 2 Guys Gaming will become Noob and Sons.A� I know, it’s terribly heartbreaking that you won’t hear myA� half-baked thoughts and excessive cursing for an hour anymore, but it’s for the best, l promise you.A� The podcast will now be released on a regular basis.A� If you have been with us since the beginning you know that this huge as this time of year is killer for us.A� Between jobs, family obligations, and other unforeseen events that seem to happen only around the holidays, we have been less than perfect with sticking to a podcast release schedule.

Why you ask?

Believe it or not,A� we are not roommates. We live about 35-40 minutes away from each other, so it’s difficult to plan a time that works for both us where we can record our wonderful podcast AND do some much-needed gaming.A� So typically once a month we get together for about 4-5 hours to get our gaming fix and record the show. During this season, even once a month is almost impossible. We are lucky if we even get one game of Left 4 Dead or Dice Masters in from September to December.A� Typically we only get together on my birthday in late December..but there is alcohol flowing freely and you don’t want a microphone in front of us then…things get…dark.A� So rather than going without a podcast for 4 months, we decided that this change was necessary.A� Yes, we decided. A� No TMZ worthy feud to see here. A� It’s what was needed to be done to ensure that you guys are getting new content.A� Shawn and his boys are more than up to the challenge. This podcast has always been Shawn’s..I’ve just been keeping the seat warm for his sons.A� Make me proud guys.

As for me, my erratic writing schedule and I will still be around on this website and from time to time I will beA� a guest on the podcast. So you haven’t heard the last of me.A� To all of you that listen to the 2 Guys Gaming podcast, thanks for the support, it’s been fun to yap at you about games.A� Now keep your eyes and ears open for the debut of Noob and Sons.


<Drops the mic>


-Blond (Chris)

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