Top 5 Khans of Tarkir Cards

Time flies doesn’t it? Seems like just yesterday we were all eagerly awaiting the next round of Khans spoilers. Now Khans of Tarkir has been on the table for a month and even though I initially doubted the quality of the set (I’m so negative), I have to admit that for the most part it has lived up to it’s hype. With that said, I wanted to share with you, our loyal readers, my top 5 favorite cards from Khans. Here we go:


srhino1. Siege Rhino: BAM! You see that?! No waiting ’til the end of the article to see what the number one card is! How could this guy not be number one? He ‘s a 4/5 trampler that smacks your opponent in the face for 3 and gives the 3 to you when it enters the battlefield. The kicker? Most burn spells won ‘t take him out and he only costs 4 mana.



mascendancy2. Mardu Ascendancy: I ‘m a huge fan of this card. Both of its abilities are powerful and can change the complexion of a game quickly. It ‘s designed to absolutely overrun your opponent with goblin weenies and from personal experience it does it ‘s job well. It ‘s 2nd ability of giving all of your creatures +0/+3 if you sacrifice it means that your little army of beasties can survive a well-timed Anger of the Gods.


mantisr3. Mantis Rider: It ‘s the cornerstone of most Jeskai decks for a reason. An aggro 3/3 flyer with haste and vigilance for 3 mana. If your opponent doesn ‘t have an answer for it right away then this little guy can cause some big trouble. I’ve won a game with just having 2 of these guys pumped up with the Spear of Heliod on the board. Sure, it crumbles to most burn spells, but more often than not you will do some damage before that happens. It also gets bonus points because I love the artwork.


butcher of the horde4. Butcher of the Horde: Out of all of the spoilers, this guy caught my eye first. He ‘s a 5/4 flyer for only 4 mana. As if that ‘s not a good enough deal, he also has the ability to gain lifelink, haste or vigilance until the end of the turn if you sacrifice another creature. Those little goblins your Mardu Ascendancy is cranking out? Sacrifice ?em and let the good times roll.


fetches5. Fetchlands: Yes, I know. Not one card. But these lands are the core of the block and deserve to be in everyone’s top 5 somewhere. I didn ‘t realize how important having the right type of mana at the right time was until Khans was released and I started constructing 3 color decks. These lands make sure that you have the mana necessary to ruin your opponent ‘s day.


Honorable Mentions: Mardu Charm, Clever Impersonator, Savage Knuckleblade, Mindswipe, Deflecting Palm, Jeskai Ascendancy, Sarkan the Dragonspeaker and Rattleclaw Mystic.

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