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Spoiler alert: This guy shanks me off of the bridge. Sonofa...
Spoiler alert: This guy shanks me off of the bridge. Sonofa…

Double Dragon (NES) What?! Another Nintendo game?! Damn right! I actually play my Nintendo quite a bit so don ‘ t be surprised when NES games frequently show up in future editions of ?Currently Playing ?. I have a love/hate relationship with Double Dragon. I love the first few levels as it ‘ s nothing but face-punchin ‘ and baseball bat swingin ‘ but then it gets exponentially frustrating as the game progresses. Right around the 4th mission, where you have to jump from ledge to ledge like you ‘ re godamn Mario in that ****ing cave, is when the hate takes over. I can ‘ t tell you how many times I ‘ ve jumped directly into a pit like a bungee jumper without the cord. I ‘ m just embarrassingly bad when it comes to jumping in this game. I ‘ ll be honest, even jumping across that puny little bridge in the 3rd mission used to be a challenge on some days. I would play this game a lot with my dad when I was a kid and basically once we got to that bridge, he knew that he was flying solo for the rest of the game, as he watched me sink like an untalented stone over and over again, until the suffering was over (Ed. Note: I was too stubborn to just let my dad do it for me). Still, besides the platforming aspects of the game, (You couldn ‘ t have stuck with one genre, Tradewest?!), I actually really enjoy it. I guess that ‘ s why I dust it off every few months or so and play it until I get dangerously close to impaling my Nintendo with the controller.



Yup, just one game this week ‘ I ‘ ve been focused on a project at work (being an adult was totally worth the wait..<deep sigh>), the Khans of Tarkir release and ‘ . (drumroll please) ‘ preparing notes for our first podcast which we will be recording this weekend. You ‘ re psyched. We know it.

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