Boros Battalion Control (Legacy)



"That better be a gardenburger dammit.."
“That better be a garden burger dammit..”

Here we go..another deck list by yours truly. This deck is pretty well-rounded in my opinion; it has the best of both worlds: a strong offense that combos well together, and a suffocating control-based defense. There is nothing more fun than seeing the clenched jaw of your opponent as they helplessly stare at their creatures pacified, chained to the rocks, and arrested while your critters march right in and whack ’em in the face. Play this deck a few times and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Hopefully by now you are all familiar with our disclaimer (we can’t guarantee that you will win every game..blah blah blah..) so we can stop posting it. Without further ado…we present the Boros Battalion Control deck.

Strengths: Big on control and removal, well-rounded.

Weaknesses: Other control decks can be a problem sometimes.

The List:(60 cards)

Creatures ( 18 ) Spells/Enchantments( 24 )

1x Iroas, God of Victory 4x Pacifism

4x Boros Reckoner 4x Arrest

1x Tajic, Blade of the Legion 4x Chained to the Rocks

4x Firemane Avenger 2x Madcap Skills

2x Banisher Priest 2x Boros Charm

2x Viashino Firstblade 2x Titan’s Strength

2x Frontline Medic 1x Aurelia’s Fury

2x Wojeck Halberdiers 2x Lightning Strike

Lands(18 ) 2x Annihilating Fire

2x Clifftop Retreat 1x Into the Maw of Hell

2x Boros Guildgate

8x Mountain

8x Plain

The strategy is pretty simple..lock your opponent down and hit them in the face. That’s it, nothing to see here..go home.

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