Mono Green Ramp (World Eater Edition)

I can’t take full credit for this deck. I’m not very good at deck tech, but I really like to play with cards to see how they can work together and make life frustrating for my opponents. The original idea for the deck is based on the green ramp Eldrazi deck “Chant of the Mul Daya” from Duel of the Planeswalkers 2014. I thought that the same idea could be used with Polukranos, World Eater as a board wipe and to set up for the win.


Forest – 22


Mending Touch – 2

Green Sun’s Zenith – 2

Explore – 4

Rampant Growth – 4


Khalni Heart Expedition – 4

Bow of Nylea – 1


Elvish Mystic – 4

Grazing Gladheart – 2

Farhaven Elf – 2

Oracle of Mul Daya – 2

Polukranos, World Eater – 1

Sporemound – 2

Primeval Titan – 2

Pelakka Wurm – 2

Vastwood Hydra – 2

As you can see, the deck is all about the ramp. All of the typical cards are there; Elvish Mystic in case you somehow end up with mana screw in the beginning, Rampant Growth and Explore to both find and play multiple lands in the early game, Landfall creatures and Khalni Expedition to benefit from all of the lands flying, life gain in case you need to turtle for one, or two, or ten turns, and some fatties at the end to crush any remaining hope from the soul of your opponent. I’ve said to Chris that this is my “I’m done losing deck”. Even without the Eldrazi over killing the board, the deck is still very strong and an absolute blast to play and basically a “Choose your own adventure” range of win conditions.

Give the deck a try and let me know what ways you’ve destroyed that last glimmer of hope in your friends.

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