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Marvel Comics July 2020 felt like a cruel joke. I mentioned in my previous article that I was overjoyed to have Spawn back. I don’t mean to imply that I wasn’t equally joyous that Marvel comics were in my box. However, there were only two. Granted, two is better than zero. I mean, that’s just math.

Then again, a random YouTube video I found while searching says that 2 = 0, so I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Nevertheless, I was disappointed that there were only two books in the shipment. But, when life gives you lemons, I guess you have to make lemonade. Well, you don’t have to make lemonade. You could make lemon meringue. That actually sounds better. Why would anyone make lemonade? Easier perhaps. But, taking shortcuts is the path to the dark side, right? Okay, I’ve drifted too far. Let’s talk about Marvel Comics July 2020.

Immortal Hulk #34

The Great

Solid Story: The Leader (what? who said anything about The Leader?) is such a dynamic and unique villain. I won’t say that there aren’t any other comic book villains out there like him. I haven’t read all of the comics, so I will just say that there aren’t many like him. Mr. Ewing takes advantage of this and crafts a story that fits the character. I’m going to miss this book. Wait, what? More cryptic references to the future?

The Leader!: I already touched on this in the previous section. But, I’ve always liked The Leader as a Hulk villain. Too often, the book concentrates on the Hulk’s strength and tries to make villains to match that strength. Rarely is the intelligence of Banner considered. The Leader does that. Bravo for introducing him into this iteration of the Hulk before it goes away. Wait, what?

The Good

Disjointed: I had this same complaint about Spawn this month, so maybe it’s me. Perhaps I just can’t stay focused enough on the story to enjoy it as much as I should. I guess we’ll see in future articles if I have to change my reading habits to get a better grasp of the books.

Just a Set Up: The story was good, even if I just said it was a bit disjointed. Even so, it is just a set up issue for (hopefully) the next few. I’d like to see The Leader stick around for a couple of issues. Okay, I feel better. Peeked at the next couple of issues and it looks like The Leader will be around at least through 36. So, that’s fun. Can’t wait to see where this story goes.

The Decent

#50 🙁 I heard rumors a few months ago that the book might be ending at 50, but they were quickly squashed by all involved. Then, out the blue, Chris texted me that they were, in fact, planning on killing the book after issue #50. I find that personally offensive and wish to speak to the manager of Marvel. This book is the most fun I’ve had reading comics in a long time. It’s definitely the best that Hulk has been since the original Planet Hulk. To kill it, even if it’s a year away, is a travesty.

I might need to unleash Darth Karen on them.

Thor #5

The Great

The Story is Picking Up: I wasn’t a huge fan of the Thor before this Thor. I liked the story, but I didn’t enjoy the art. Then, I wasn’t really a fan of the story of this new Thor even if the art was better. That all seems to be coalescing and the story in this particular issue is definitely picking up and starting to make more sense.

Conclusion?: With that being said, this looks like the conclusion of this particular arc. It’s either this issue or the next one. I know they need to open it up for their latest Super Summer Crossover Spectacular, but still. It’s kind of a bummer that it’s ending right as it’s getting good. Leave on a high note, I suppose.

The Good

Galactus Twist: The twist at the end of (spoiler alert?) Galactus as the herald for the Dark Winter or whatever it’s called was unexpected, at least by me. Thor as the new herald of Galactus confused me, but it makes a bit more sense now that the (whatever, I know it’s literally on the cover up there, but it scrolled out of view) Winter pulled the strings, it makes more sense.

The Decent

Beta Ray Bill: I gather that Beta Ray Bill is a popular character. They’ve used him to sell various events in video games that I’ve played. Maybe it’s just a meme. I mean, I’m not an obscure Marvel character aficionado by any stretch. I do admit to liking Tier B and C characters. But, I don’t get the Beta Ray Bill thing.

The Verdict

Marvel Comics July 2020, as limited as they are, are very good. Immortal Hulk continues to chug along as the best comic book that I’ve read in the past few years. Thor picked up steam and I’m looking forward to the next few issues. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going and build another good title. Thanks, as always, for reading and until next time, Excelsior!

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