Mono Red Dragons (Legacy)

Here it is..our first deck list..(wipes tear..). Now as with every deck list we will post on here we can’t promise you that you will win tournaments (are there even Legacy tournaments anymore?), or in general, that you will win every game that you play. What we can promise you is that it’s a fun deck to pilot. When it works the way it should, it’s not so fun to play against, but it’s not without it’s weaknesses which I will cover below.

Strengths: Big creatures, lots of burn removal, can be devastating in the mid to late game.

Weaknesses: Slower deck, struggles against aggro, and god help you if there is a board wipe, because that’s a wrap.

The List:(60 cards)



Kilnmouth Dragon x2

Bonfire of the Damned x1

Furyborn Hellkite x2

Flame Slash x4

Thundermaw Hellkite x2

Seething Song x2

Moonveil Dragon x2

Lightning Strike x3

Balefire Dragon x1

Lightning Bolt x4

Ogre Battledriver x1

Anger of the Gods x1

Scourge of Valkas x1

Mizzium Mortars x1

Dragonmaster Outcast x1

Awaken the Ancients x2

Hellrider x1

Annihilating Fire x2

Vexing Devil x1

Madcap Skills x2

Utvara Hellkite x1


Dragonspeaker Shaman x 2

Quicksilver Amulet x2

Guttersnipe x2


Chandra’s Phoenix x1 

Mountains x 18


The Strategy

Use Quicksilver Amulets, Seething Songs and Dragonspeaker Shamans to get Dragons out as soon as possible. Use burn spells with Guttersnipe to keep opponent’s side of the board clean while pinging them for 2 damage for every spell you cast. If you are having trouble getting a Dragon out on the board, use Awaken the Ancients with Madcap Skills to keep your opponent busy.

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