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Dragon Quest IX (DS): I’m a sucker for a good JRPG so I picked this one up a couple of years ago. Being a collector/game hoarder, I didn;t actually start playing this game until about a month ago and immediately kicked myself for not doing so sooner. It’s just really, really well done and is massive to boot. It;s absolutely worth every penny in my opinion. There are tons of side quests to do, hidden dungeons to find, you can use alchemy to create weapons, and the vocational system is really interesting. I’m almost 60 hours in and I made it to the last boss. This is without doing any side quests and only completing one random dungeon. Although, I did spend a good chunk of that 60 hours level-grinding. So realistically, I’m willing to bet that if you did all of the side quests and completed all of the random dungeons, there is probably 100+ hrs of game play. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is A) A fan of JRPGs, B) A fan of getting their money’s worth or C) All of the above. If you do take my advice and pick this gem up here are a couple of helpful tips. Alchemy is not something you should look past. Don’t skip finding the items necessary to cook up the best weapons in the game (there are tons of recipe guides online), because against the last boss, Corvus, you WILL need them. All of my characters’ levels are in the low to mid 40s, and while I didn’t really have much trouble actually getting to Corvus, he absolutely beat the brakes off of me. It was embarrassingly bad. Aaaaand really frustrating as everything was going swimmingly before I fought him. Also if you want a way to do some quick leveling up, go to the 3rd floor of the Bowhole and hunt the Liquid Metal Slimes. These little bastards give you an insane amount of Exp points when you take them out. Use Metal Slash to do the most damage to them as normal attacks miss in most cases and also know that they like to run. A lot.



Karnov (NES): Yup, Friggin’ Karnov. The fat Russian guy who spits fireballs. Yes, that game. You run, you jump and you shoot things (Isn’t that the premise of most Nintendo games?). Simple enough, but strangely still really fun even after all of these years. I picked it up on Ebay a few years ago mainly because it was the first Nintendo game I had ever played. I absolutely loved it back then and I still do now. The only difference being that now I can beat it without the use of a Game Genie. Yes! Ia’m no longer a pansy! Shower me with your applause! (crickets)”ahem” and that brings us to the end of this week’s Currently Playing.

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