Ready Player One Episode 3: Noob’s Book Club

Very late, but here’s Ready Player One Episode 3. I spent much of this week sick on the couch, so that’s the main reason. But, I found some time in between baseball and soccer to record, edit, and release the episode. One thing. This is the last week of play rehearsal, so hopefully that means more time to record. After Wednesday and Sunday of this week, I have a possible schedule for three days a week again. Then again, reading 3 chapters per episode might work out, too.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think. What did I do right? What can be improved? I want to make this work and take constructive criticism well. With no additional delay, download and listen to Ready Player One Episode 3. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Note: If you want to read along, find a copy at your local (or multinational conglomerate) book store to purchase and add to the conversation. I hope you enjoy my return to the podcasting arena and I look forward to bringing more content as time allows over the next few months. When I finish Ready Player One, I’m taking a break to visit Germany for my oldest son’s graduation gift. Then, I plan to read the next book in the new Dragonlance series.

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Ready Player One Episode 3: Noob's Book Club

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