Ready Player One Finale Episode: Noob’s Book Club

I finally return with the long promised Ready Player One finale episode. However, as I discuss in the episode, I can call this the penultimate episode once again to use one of my favorite words. In the episode, I talk a little bit about my experiences with Ready Player One and Sandman and how they parallel one another.

I then move on to the topic of artificial intelligence. This, of course, touches on some of my pet peeves of billionaires killing the planet, the need for collective action, and the general ill effects of capitalism on our lives and planet. Even though this is the Ready Player One finale for the book, stay tuned for the Movie Vs. episode. I thought I would release it this weekend, but we are taking our annual trip to Cape Cod. So, I will try to record it over the next couple of days and release it on the weekend when we come back to pick up Quinn from camp.

If you want to watch the movie along with me in anticipation of the episode, you can find it on MAX. I will talk to you again at the end of the week hopefully.

2 Guys Gaming
2 Guys Gaming
Ready Player One Finale Episode: Noob's Book Club

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