Quick Hits: Jurassic World Mobile

(Editor’s Note: A�Aw, wook at the widdle bitty dinosaurs. A�Aren’t they just the cutest? A�Can I pet one? A�AAAAAAAUUUUUGH!)

I wrote in my “what I did” article that I played a lot of mobile games over the summer. A�I never considered my phone as a gaming device. A�In the past, I always played on tablets. A�I guess that I thought the small screen might make games unplayable. A�It certainly makes typing very difficult. A�Autocorrect and predictive typing are not merely responses to typographical errors. A�They are necessary to the preservation of the written (well, typed, I suppose) language.

After my latest screen related mishap with my tablet, I had no choice. A�Okay, that isn’t true. A�I could have replaced the screen again. A�But, really, what is the point. A�The tablet is 5 years old. A�This is the second time that I’ve replaced the screen. A�The most recent screen lasted only a few months before meeting a tragic end. A�I can take a hint, Universe. A�She’s buried with all of my other dearly departed electronics.

Are you there Hal?  It's me M4|?94|?3+.  Why have you forsaken us?
Are you there Hal? It’s me M4|?94|?3+. Why have you forsaken us?

I think I started by downloading SimCity Build It onto my phone as a test A�I’ve become alarmingly addicted to the game to the point of paying cash money for virtual goods. A�I swore that I would never do such a thing, but that’s the power of those tiny gibberish speaking digital beings. A�I spite of my reservations, the game played perfetly on the small screen.

I followed up with my other mobile obsession, Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest. A�I even played some Hearthstone. A�I know, but it is gone now because it takes up a ridiculous amount of space and the fun to space ratio was far too low to make it worth my while. A�I also tried a few other games, but none of them interested me for very long. A�Then, Quinn mentioned a Jurassic Park game that I should play.

I didn’t realize that there were two games and I downloaded Jurassic World when he was talking about Jurassic Park. A�I later downloaded Jurassic Park, but I have yet to play it. A�Therefore, I don’t know what the differences, if any, there are between the two. A�I will focus primarily on Jurassic World this time.


+ Impressive graphics for a mobile game

+ Interesting, though hastily written storyline with accompanying quests.

+ A combat system that seems easy at first, but does require some thought and strategy.

+ Probably the most generous free to play game I’ve ever played. A�A free pack every six hours contains a dinosaur about half the time.


– constantly tries to sell you packs

– PVP, if that’s your thing, is limited.

– Even though they improved it, the VIP club is still not worth the money.

Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives. A�Jurassic World Mobile is a good game. A� Whether you are a collector that has to catch ’em all, a questing adventurer who wants to play through the thin story, or a mighty PVP champion seeking the glory of the arena, the game will keep you busy on one level or another for some time. A�At least, it is worth a download and try.

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