Revisiting Amonkhet

(Editor’s Note: A�When we last left Noob of All Trades in Amonkhet, he was losing multiple limited events in new and interesting ways. A�Has that trend continued? A�Tune in now to find out!)

Like the zombies that have become so revalent in the wake of the set, I rise from teh dead of my 0-2 draft and 1-2 sealed against Chris to find success in Amonkhet limited. A�Writing my previous article inspired me to log back into MtGO and try my luck at another draft. A�I’m glad that I did. A�Having actually seen and played with and against the cards, I had a much better idea of what worked and what didn’t and why.

First, zombies are good. A�Standard and limited events on the PT have shown that. A�Because of that success, everyone knows and seems to draft accordingly. A�Secondly, exert is probably the second easiest strategy to put together behind zombies. A�-1/-1 counters can be good, but tough to make happen. A�Then again, I did play against a guy earlier in a sealed event who both got the nut -1/-1 pool and then the appropriate hand to make it all happen in game 1, so it is possible. A�I’m not entirely sure what the other color combinations might offer, so I’m no help there.

Apparently cycling is a thing? But, exercise and nerds just seems like a bad combination.

Still, armed with my little bit (you didn’t think I’d use the limited pun again, did you?) of knowledge, I put together a solid GW exert deck. A�There were no bombs that I saw, so it was just the type of draft where you have to find the value cards. A�Luckily, I found it in abundance in this draft. A�I don’t remember how it started. A�I think maybe GB or RB?

Pretty quickly, I pivoted and by pack 2, I was solidly in GW with a focus on exert. A�That allowed me to keep a lazy eye on any possible zombies. A�However, like I mentioned, there weren’t many to be found in the draft. A�So, I just went with Plan A and it worked. A�I blew my first opponent out of the water and beat the other in pretty convincing fashion, too.

I guess you could call the Sandworms or Angel bombs?

Buoyed by that success, I jumped into xMage for another draft. A�I didn’t want to follow up my good mojo with potential bad mojo and actually spend “money” (new player points) to do it, so xMage seemed like the logical choice. A�However, there was no bad mojo to be found that night. A�I was so happy about this draft that I texted Chris about it. A�”Damn, just drafted a sweet GR deck on xMage, but the game got corrupted. A�Think I finally have the hang of this format.”

It’s too bad that the game did get corrupted because this deck was seriously insane. A�I also texted to Chris that I had no idea what anyone else was drafting because there several packs where I had a tough decision to make and the card that I didn’t pick wheeled back around to me. A�In this draft, after pack 2, I could have easily pivoted and started grabbing black value and put together any combination of green, red, or black and most likely gone 3-0 with the deck. A�It truly was an embarrassment of riches.

I mean, just beautiful, isn’t it? *single tear of joy*

As I said, I really think I’m starting to get the hang of the format. A�I still agree that it is a great set for drafting or sealed. A�I will most likely use the rest of my new player points on two more drafts and I might even spring the cash for a sealed event. A�I’ve enjoyed it that much. A�If you’re not doing Amonkhet limited, you are missing out!

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