Spawn 303 Review


Welcome to my Spawn 303 review. It’s been a month or two since we’ve visited our old friend. Big changes, predictably, happened in 300. For the most part, as you’ll see in this review, those changes have paid off. Granted, the comic wasn’t getting stale, by any measure.

In fact, Chris and I have texted more than once in the past few months to remark how fresh and interesting the comic felt in spite of being around for almost 300 issues with the same person in charge. I know it hasn’t always been that way. From what I gather, there was a period when Spawn was less than.

Well, that’s mostly over now. Spawn is a solid title and one that I don’t mind collecting. I read it first every time I get a new shipment of books. So, without further interruption, let’s get to my Spawn 303 review.

The Great

The Story – I said that Spawn was once less than. Honestly, I wasn’t reading the book then. I have collected most of the books from 1-300. I’m mostly only missing the homage covers because they run 20 bucks at the cheapest on eBay. However, I haven’t read those stories. I just have heard that people were pooping on the book and the story for a while. Well, I’m here to say that the story is solid again. It isn’t perfect by any stretch. But, ever since the Dark Horror story, when I got back into the book, things have been more positive than negative. Ever since the “reboot” in 300, this story has been awesome. If you’ve ever had any interest in Spawn, now is the time to get into the book. You won’t be disappointed.

The Cover – In the past, I haven’t been much of an art guy. Chris is the art guy. I’m the writing guy. However, he has rubbed off on me (mind out of the gutter, perverts) and now I’m actually looking at and ordering variant covers for my collection. Luckily, since a bit before 300, the main covers of Spawn have been fire and this one is no different. I know Mattina gets crap for ripping off covers, but you can’t deny this one is beautiful.

The Good

Jason Scott Alexander Art – Those of you who have been with the page for a few years know that I wasn’t a huge fan of JSA’s art. I liked the style for the Dark Horror story since I felt it fit. However, when the stories became more realistic and less ephemeral in nature, it didn’t feel right. In issues 300, Chris and I actually lamented the loss of Capullo and wished for his return full time. That issue must have inspired JSA, though. His art has become more defined and realistic. Hopefully that trend continues because I like my Spawn realism.

Uncle Todd’s vignettes – Since issue 300 (and maybe even before), Uncle Todd has been giving us small 5-page stories at the end of each issue. They have served to fill in some back story for the new stories going forward. Maybe even more than the main story, I’ve looked forward to these and hope they continue.

The Decent

She Spawn – I know that She Spawn has been a staple in the Spawn universe for some time now. I’m a bit lukewarm on the current iteration of the character. It might just be because I haven’t kept up with the comic consistently over the years. I’m just not sure who this person is, who the woman who was also given some of the “Spawn force” that was killed is, and why I should care. Maybe through the vignettes and story, I will come to care more.

Necroplasm – Initially, I thought the necroplasm idea was cool. When it was scrapped, I didn’t miss it all that much. Now that it is back, I ultimately don’t care all that much. Maybe, like She Spawn, it will take more significance as the story continues.

The Verdict

Things are progressing nicely in Spawn. I like the “reboot” of the character and the introduction of most of the new characters. I like that we have gotten away from the realism of the “new world order” story since it was getting a bit too real for me. There are some decisions that either confuse me or that I don’t like. Overall, though, the comic is strong and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Thanks for reading my Spawn 303 review and I’ll see you next month.

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