Why did it have to be Slivers?

The 2014 core set brought Slivers back in a big way. I noticed that as I opened my 2015 core set booster box they have continued that trend into this year. I haven’t worked any of those cards into this deck, but I might see what I can do with them. I know that the trend is to run slivers as an EDH deck, but I don’t have a playable version of any of the commanders yet, so I will keep it as a 60 card deck for now.

Creatures – 22

Bonescythe Sliver – 2
Sentinel Sliver – 2
Galerider Sliver – 1
Syphon Sliver – 2
Battle Sliver – 3
Blur Sliver – 2
Manaweft Sliver – 2
Predatory Sliver – 4
Sliver Construct – 4

Spells – 18

Hive Stirrings – 4
Verdant Haven – 4
Abundant Growth – 2
Trace of Abundance – 4
Profit/Loss – 2
Ready/Willing – 2

Artifacts – 2

Door of Destinies – 2

Land – 18

Plains – 2
Island – 2
Swamp – 2
Mountain – 2
Forest – 2
Shimmering Grotto – 2
Transguild Promenade – 4
Unknown Shores – 2

This is my first serious attempt at a 5 color deck. I chose Slivers because they naturally lend themselves to including all five colors. There is not removal in the deck. It is simply about building a board and overwhelming your opponent before they have had a chance to do anything to defend themselves. I recently learned that it is highly vulnerable to removal if you are too aggressive, though, so it is a bit of a tight rope walk of when to go “all in”. All of my decks come with the caveat, “They might not win you may games, but they are fun to play!”

If I had to choose a few cards to cut, I might go with the onstructs and maybe the Hive Stirrings to get more slivers in there that directly affect the board with buffs of their own. Also, I might try to put some more land in there and maybe since I’ve rediscovered it, I’d include some Evolving Wilds. As with the Slivers themselves, this deck has the potential to change at any minute. Stay tuned for my updates.

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