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Lego Marvel Superheroes (360): Yup. A Lego game.A� After our last podcast, we decided to do a comic book theme for our next show which will be recorded on April 11th. To stick to the theme Shawn thought it would be a good idea to do a segment on the Lego superhero titles.A� I told him that it was a great idea BUT I have never played a Lego Batman or Marvel game.A� Long story..uh..shorter…I picked up a copy of Marvel Superheroes at Best Buy because it was on sale (I’m cheap, what can I say?).A� I popped the disc in with a sigh, not really expecting all that much. I mean it’s a damn Lego game,A� these things are meant for kids…right? Wrong.A� The game is insanely fun..I expected a mindless PG rated beat’em up, but instead I found myself playing a really good puzzle game with some beat’em up segments sprinkled in.A� Honestly, this is the kind of game that you would want your kids to play.A� It tests your critical thinking skills, it’s entertaining as hell, and it’s not over-the-top violent.A� Despite the lack of violence and the fact that these are little Lego characters running around solving puzzles, this game can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.A� I highly recommend this one.

<I refuse to insert a picture of the next game>

Afro Samurai (360): Okay, we go from a great, well-designed game, to a steaming pile of dog sh*t cooking in the hot summer sun.A� I really liked the Afro Samurai anime series, so I thought the game must be, at the very least, playable. Can’t win them all I guess. If I had to choose one word to best describe this game it would be repetitious. You run around hacking the crap out of a bunch of Japanese guys. That’s it.A� The voice acting is decent, (hot damn! A compliment!), but wears thin after awhile..(aaaaand compliment retracted).A� Between the wacky camera angles, the boring combat system, and fighting what looks like the same enemies over and over, this game isn’t worth the 5 bucks I paid for it.

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