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I think we're gonna need a bigger screen..
I think we’re gonna need a bigger screen..

Thor: God of Thunder (DS) Good lord it’s a game based on a movie and it’s actually really, really fun!’ At first glance it looks like your normal run of the mill beatemup, but there are some neat elements in this game that make it stand out. You collect runes that upgrade Mjolnir (that’sThor’s mythical hammer for you comic noobs out there), your armor and your helmet. There are some of huge bosses that take up both DS screens, and the combat is pretty decent.’ My one complaint is that the enemies get very repetitious.’ You definitely get tired of seeing the same baddies over and over again. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad though. It’s a ridiculously cheap game (only $5-$7 on eBay)and 100% worth the money.


wheroesWorld Heroes Anthology (PS2) In preparation for our next podcast, in which we will be discussing 2d fighters in general, I’ve been dusting off some older fighters in my collection and giving them another look. Well, let’s just say I now remember why I let this one collect dust.’ I actually really enjoyed the first World Heroes game for Snes, so I figured that the PS2 versions of these games must be just as good right? Wrong. The original plays fine, it’s still fun, and I still really dig the Deathmatch mode.’ That’s were the compliments end. The Anthology also consists of World Heroes 2, World Heroes Jet, and World Heroes (not so) Perfect.’ These 3 games suffer from speed issues. I think it’s the emulation that they used to port these games over, but whatever it is, it makes the rest of the games not fun at all. One fight you are flying around the screen at a breakneck pace, and the next match you are at a normal, or slightly below, speed.’ It makes the game feel unpolished in a way. I’ll still play it but only for the original World Heroes, which doesn’t suffer from the same issues as it’s successors.

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