Marvel SNAP June 2024: The Celestials’ Finest


A week of comic reviews usually means a new Marvel SNAP season. And this week is no different. After last month, a month that saw me briefly try to get to level 40 for a title reward, I again fell into my habit of simply finishing daily and weekly quests for the season pass rewards. I don’t see anything changing for Marvel SNAP June 2024.

New Locations

Both of these locations look annoying. I absolutely hate random locations because they always seem to work against me. I build up a lead and then it turns into the bullshit one that destroys all the cards if you have more than one card or the one that ends the game after turn 4 when I have only 5+ drops in my hand. The Ark seems more easily played around because the effect is consistent. Just build up a lead in the other two locations and win. However, I think we might see an increase in Trib decks as a result. Ugh.

New Characters


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At the start of the game, +1 Max Energy. Shuffle 12 random cards into your deck.

On first glance, I thought, “I don’t think I want to play any of these cards unless I need to finish a quest.” Then, as I put together the gallery, I softened my stance some. I still don’t see a point in Makkari other than a free card if you draw it. Arishem looks fun just for the chaos factor. Phastos might see play in my Evolutionary deck because I like the possibility of less cost in that deck. Thena works in my ones deck, and Gilgamesh and Sersi might just be good. Both of them could see play in a few of my decks.

The Verdict

I never grew up as a fan of The Eternals. I never watched the movie and not because I heard it was bad. I’ve watched nearly everything Marvel, bad or not. I just don’t have the same connection to them as some of the other heroes. But, Marvel SNAP June 2024 at least gives me some fun cards to associate if I ever watch the move.

Images SNAPped from Marvel SNAP Zone.

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