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Last month, we eschewed all other comics to celebrate the end of an era with TMNT #150. Well, the universe paid me back this month by sending only two comics from outside of the major publishers. Therefore, Spawniverse June 2024 may feel slightly underwhelming. From the looks of it, we’ll be back next month with more books. If I knew how to market better, I might say something like, “twice as many books!” which sounds impressive until you realize that two times two is four.

Gunslinger #31

Writer: Uncle Todd, Artist: Carlo Barberi. A few issues ago, Uncle Todd and company blew up the Spawniverse. Not literally, that took place in issue 300 and 301. But, they took away all of the powers of any demon, angel, and hellspawn. And, since then, at least in Gunslinger, he took the opportunity to reintroduce the character. Kind of strange only 30 issues in, but when you commit to only soft reboots, you find yourself in strange situations sometimes. Javi tells the story of his sister to a woman and then finds himself at the mercy of a medicine man who gives him a piece of his mind. As always, Barberi’s work is impeccable. I, for one, am glad that Uncle Todd spawned (pun totally intended) many artists with his style. The book doesn’t feel the same without that Uncle Todd touch. My verdict: Good.

Spawn #353

Writer: Rory McConnville (with Uncle Todd on additional script, Artist: Brett Booth. This title, similarly, spent some time in this issue reviewing the after effects of the war on hell. It also brings to light a new character and implies that character might have a deeper connection to the overall story. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but I feel like we’ve seen this person before in some capacity. Brett Booth, too, gives the Spawn look with his own subtle touches. Both of these books are in good hands right now. My verdict: Good.

The Verdict

It surprised me that only two books from Spawniverse June 2024 came in the shipment. But, you take the good with the bad when it comes to these titles. Decent to good stories and, usually, great artwork. But, with that comes delays. Like I say, next month looks to be back to normal.

Images taken from the mothership.

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