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I admit that I may not be the best ambassador for this particular message. I only joined The Turtles on this journey back when Armaggedon Game released. But, I must say that I enjoyed that journey the most out of any comic book in the last five years. So, I take a break this month from the Spawniverse to say good-bye to this era with an article just about TMNT #150.

The End Via The Beginning

Nice round numbers always mean something big for comic books. However, as books rise into the thousands or Spawn becomes the longest running non DC or Marvel book, those numbers start to mean even more. Because we can’t do anything in this country without some sort of promotion, the more that it means is often simply monetary. How much can we squeeze out of our readers in the name of nostalgia?

The Turtle’s “Road to TMNT #150” never felt like that. It never felt like anything more than a genuine celebration of the end of a very good storyline. And, the book proved it. No collection of “featured writers and artists” telling quick hit stories. Just a single double issue to wrap it all up in a nice little bow.

The book contains nods to several of the important developments in The Turtles’ history, including their mutation. One of the Batman titles did something similar with one of their celebration issues. I actually loved that issue. What can I say? As much crap as I talk, I’m a sucker for nostalgia just like anyone else.

A Word About Opinions and A-Holes

When I went to figure out which issues of the main book tied in with the Armaggedon Game timeline, I came across a couple of Reddit posts where people claimed not to like the story. No, everyone has a right to their opinion and I won’t judge anyone here for what they think about the story. I, for one, liked it and it put me onto my journey with The Turtles. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

All I will say is this. Many of the responses said that they stopped reading after issue 100. Sophie Campbell took over the writing duties then. Again, I make no implications or accusations here. I drew my own conclusions from this and I welcome you to do the same.

Okay, Back to the Review

In addition to the nostalgia of the story, I liked how they dealt with the story of future Donatello. One of the other criticisms I read about Armageddon Game is that the ending felt rushed. That’s at least actually a valid criticism. A lazy one, but valid. I have a feeling some might say the same about this one.

Nevertheless, I liked the story and the conclusion. Rushed or not, it put a nice bow on the saga of future Leonardo. Not only that, but the final scene tugged at my heart strings. I’m also a sucker for all’s well that ends well and love triumphing over all. Yeah, I’m a big ole teddy bear.

The Verdict

While some on Reddit might argue that the recent stories in the book are uneven, I think we all can agree that TMNT #150 serves as a fitting send off for this run of The Turtles. I saw that Jason Aaron is taking over. Of course, I texted Chris about it. He said, “I don’t see Aaron as a TMNT writer.” I tend to agree, but I will see what he offers before making a decison.

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