Second Mario Movie: What We Know


What do we know about the second Mario movie? Well, we know there’s going to be one. That’s about it. They announced the news a couple of months ago on Mar10 day and followed up with little else.

What Do You Think About the Trailer

There is no trailer currently

Will It Be A Direct Sequel?

We don’t know that.

Will the Stars from the Original Return?

If it is a direct sequel. If not, maybe. But, we don’t know that.

What Will the Plot Be?

We don’t know that.

Will there Be Another Attempt at an EGOT?

“Peaches” nearly broke into the Billboard top 50. By charting, it made the song eligible for a Grammy. Jack Black’s performance of the song, along with his role as Bowser in the movie (which he easily can reprise in a TV show and Broadway musical adaptation) should have garnered him an Oscar nomination. So, in closing, we don’t know. But, we can hope.

When Will the Move be Released?

We do know that. April 2026. Wait, what? Not on Mar10 day? WTF.

The Verdict

The second Mario movie exists. Well, it will. The rest of it? Well, we don’t know that yet.

All of this information comes from nowhere. If you don’t believe me, follow the link.

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