Episode 1 – Halloween Spooktacular

Enjoy your Halloween leftovers (I think those exist.  I might be confusing my holidays.)  with the first episode of Noob and Sons.  After talking briefly about our favorite parts of Halloween, we talked about the following.

The Digital Playground – We discussed the funny and spooky Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS.  It is a fun and challenging game for the whole family.

On the Tabletop – We dress up as characters, metaphorically, in our favorite galaxy far, far away and try to defeat Teemo the Hutt to win our freedom.  More adventures to come!

Join us next month when we talk about one of our favorite games, Pokemon, and all of the exciting news that’s happening!  As always, leave comments and suggestions.

Noob and Sons
Noob and Sons
Episode 1 - Halloween Spooktacular

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