Dragons of Deceit: Noob’s Book Club


My wife misunderstood my request on my Santa list. I asked for the new Dragonlance source book for Dungeons and Dragons. She bought me the new novel, Dragons of Deceit. I forgive her for this transgression Weis and Hickman wrote the new book and anything by them that involves Dragonlance needs to be on my bookshelf. Besides, I fixed it by buying the new source book for myself.

When I thought about reading it, I got the idea for this series. It allows me to dabble in podcasting and maybe video production again without having to make a commitment to Chris that I might have to break because life gets in the way. Plus, if I can maintain this commitment, maybe it will show Chris that I’m out of the time in my life where I need to flake all the time.

Noob’s Book Club

I started to flesh out the format of this during my weekly trip over to the dump. I still don’t know if I will make it strictly an audio show or if I will try to add video. I think it will work better if I start with audio and then expand into video with the next one.

I also need to figure out the logistics of the show. How many chapters to read each week? Again, most likely to start with two and maybe expand from there. What book to read next? That one takes more thought and planning, but we also have time for that.

If you find this page and want to follow along, you can purchase Dragons of Deceit at the Amazon link. As of right now, I receive no compensation as an affiliate, so that’s only a suggestion. As of right now, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are open on my weekly schedule. I doubt I will have this done by Monday, so look for the first installment on Wednesday.

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