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Battle Report 1: Warhammer Age of Sigmar 4


Those who follow the page regularly (welcome back to all 6 of you!) know that I spent the better part of the last 10 years wishing that I knew how to play miniature games. Chris, the boys, and I dabbled in Heroclix and Dicemasters, but I never took the plunge into the traditional powerhouse, Warhammer. That changed last year when I saw a subscription service to the game. I put together a schedule that allowed me to dedicate a night to assembling, painting, and play testing the miniature. That’s the quick, quick version of how we arrived at Battle Report 1 for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

New Rules

Once of the nice things about the subscription model is that it eases you into new rules. This time, they introduced the concept of Rend. That value gets subtracted from the save roll, thereby theoretically causing more damage. They also gave me a helpful run down of the attack sequence with the new rule built in. It made the play test go smoothly.

The Set Up

They also set up a scenario for the models to get me started. They suggested pairing the “bosses” for each faction against the armies of underlings, as you can see here. I wondered how the match would end up with anything besides the armies against each other, but that’s why they roll the dice, dear reader. And, as I wrote to Chris later that night, it’s a ton of dice rolling.

The Battle

After you set up the armies, you then move them together to meet on the field of battle. The script moves you through the different scenarios as models are defeated until you arrive at a final show off. During this part of the battle, Christine noticed me playing with myself and she asked me if I wanted a partner. I replied, “No, just testing things out.” Truth was, I didn’t want to have to spend time explaining it to her right then. But, nice to know she’s open to the possibility.

The Final Showdown

As I surmised, it came down to the armies in the final battle. The one Stormcast Eternal fought valiantly after losing the rest of his troop. But, he finally succumbed to his injuries and the “bad guys” came away victorious. During this time, I actually really got into the match and started rooting for the guy and cheered when the die rolls went in his favor. Then, I tried to come up with a way to cheat him to victory.

The Victors

But, the Kruleboys won, fair and square. I still enjoyed playing and look forward to the next scenario in a few weeks after building and painting the next set of models.

The Verdict

I apologize that I didn’t use my powers of storytelling to make this Battle Report 1 more compelling. Once I’m out of school and I have more time and energy, I promise to make the next one better. In any case, as I said, I loved playing the game. Chris said that he wanted me to bring the models next time we hang out and Christine also showed interest. So, who knows, maybe the next time I won’t be playing with myself.

Check out the subscription.