Battle Report 2: Warhammer Age of Sigmar 5


It’s that time again. I finished building and doing preliminary paints on another model. With that model and some of the others, I played through another scenario. So, along with it, I need to write the battle report 2 for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I just realized that I forgot to get a picture of the winning message. It just excited me so much that the “good guys” came back to win this one that it slipped my mind.


Unlike the last time, there are no rules added to the sequence. Instead, as you see, they simply clarify the processes of turns and the combat phase. As a result, I jumped right in and started playing.

Hit. Wound. Save. Repeat

I took their advice of starting with the single units during each turn. It felt like by doing so, maybe I could eliminate some of the smaller units and make subsequent turns go faster. I succeeded on some level but not nearly as much as I hoped. Instead, the Orruks overran the Praetor and joined the Killaboss to try to take out the rest of the humans.

At this point in the combat, the two forces went back and forth, eliminating several of their foes. Eventually, the teamwork and higher skill of the humans overcame the sheer violence of the orruks and defeated them with one final blow.

The Verdict

Mind you, it was a Pyrrhic victory. All but two of the humans survived and their leader died relatively early in the battle. However, they rallied and ultimately defeated their enemies. Playing through for battle report 2 went much quicker due to understanding the rules better and not having to constantly refer back to the Warscrolls during combat. Now I can’t wait for some true heroes and heroics.

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