A Second Nintendo Switch: Pros and Cons

A couple of weeks ago, I texted Chris. While that’s not news (and if you’re here for actual news, boy are you in the wrong place), the text chain gave me an idea. That idea germinated for some time. Now, it exists in the form of this article. Many of you already figured out. I texted Chris about the possibility of purchasing a second Switch.

We own a Switch. A search of “Switch” on the site brings up 4 pages worth of results. But, I explained to Chris, Liam and Quinn often take possession of it to play Pokemon. I have no problem with that because (a) I love that they love Pokemon and have that in common and (b) Liam purchased the console with his own money. But, that causes a bit of a dilemma and conflict now when I want to play, which happens more and more often recently.

Why Do I Care if You Buy a Second Switch?

See also: the perspective of the reader.

The sort answer is that you probably don’t. Allow me to speculate and write the slightly longer answer in this section. I came to the conclusion last year that this page serves mostly as an online diary for me to keep track of how my gaming habits change over the years, both as a young father and now as an older father. Sure, at some point, we might hit it big and get more readers, listeners, or viewers.

Mostly, though, I write because I like to write. I write about games because I enjoy games. I recently got over my stage fright and successfully completed and entire series of Noob’s Book Club. I started a YouTube that I update daily with content. The only thing left for me to check off my “to do” list for when I started the page is to stream on Twitch. I mean, I streamed a couple of short sessions as a test, but I need a challenge similar to my Geocaching 365 idea that I completed last year.

Will a New Switch Help Me Achieve That Goal?

See also: the perspective of the writer.

The short answer is doubtful. Either I misplaced my streaming hardware or at this point, I bet it’s obsolete. So, I need to upgrade my computer, figure out a way to run the Switch through the computer for streaming purposes, and put together a schedule. Working backwards through that list, I can finish the schedule after next week when soccer finishes. Then, I just research (Google) how to run the Switch through the software. The one thing that takes more time and resources is the new PC. While possibly not even necessary, if I need one, it won’t happen until the fall at the earliest.

Aiden wants to do at least one soccer camp over the summer. Liam, Christine, and I are taking a trip to Germany for 3 weeks as Liam’s graduation gift. Plus, we take our annual Cape trip. Quinn signed up for Scout camp. So, time and money (as always) prevents this plan from coming to fruition until at least fall.

Pros/Cons of Buying a New Switch

Pros: I own another Switch.

Cons: It costs money.

Can you tell I’ve never been good at writing pros/cons lists? But seriously, I never thought I’d even consider buying more than one console. I tested this theory out when I ran Nintendo Club at Conant last year by bringing home one of their consoles for Christmas vacation. I played it a few times, but certainly not enough to warrant buying another one for the household. So, I guess after all that, I have my answer. When we return from Germany, I’m buying another Switch.

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