Calling All Collectors!

Hey you! We want to see your collection of nerdy stuff, including, but not limited to: MTG cards (or any gaming cards in general), video games, ‘ movies, or comics (or any combination of the above). Each month we will pick the best collection and run a spotlight article on the winner. Please send pictures, a description of what you collect (quantities and/or highlights) and your answers to the questions below to:


  1. Where are you from? (Just town/ city and street addresses..cana”t be too safe, there are some godamn nutties on the interwebz)
  2. When/Why did you start collecting?
  3. Whata”s your favorite/most unique item in your collection?
  4. Any collectingtips or anything else you would like to say to all of the other collector”s out there?

Good luck!

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