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Ninja Blade (360)-I think the only way I can accurately describe Ninja Blade is by saying that it ‘s a cross between Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, and an action movie. The story is as follows: You play as a ninja, Ken Ogawa, who is a member of an elite special forces team that the Japanese government has called in to try and destroy an infection of Alpha worms that is slowly taking over Tokyo, turning its residents into monster worm creature things. The graphics are decent (although a little on the dark side), the controls are easy to get a hang of, and the gameplay is fun ‘when you are actually playing that is. My only complaint is that there are just way too many of those damn ?push <insert button letter here> now ? QTE (Quick Time Event) challenges. Unfortunately it ‘s a huge piece of this game. This is where the action movie comparison comes into play. After pushing one button, a scene plays out, usually followed by a prompt to quickly hit another button, which is then followed by another scene..etc. After awhile, it feels like you are not playing the game at all, you ‘re just a monkey hitting a button (hopefully) fast enough to move the movie along. If you didn ‘t hit it fast enough, or pressed the wrong one, then the scene rewinds until you actually press the correct damn button fast enough. It ‘s not like you lose a life or anything, it just rewinds. It ‘s too bad that they went so heavy on this mechanic, as the game could have been so much better than it is. That said, it ‘s still a good action/adventure game with a Devil May Cry-like combat system, neat abilities like running along walls and super speed, multiple swords to choose from, and absolutely massive bosses that will make your jaw drop. Fun (sad) fact: In 2009, Ninja Blade made Gamepro ‘s “Top 5 games that no one is playing” list.

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