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First of all, I just want to apologize to all of you for letting things drop
for the last couple of months. Work and preparing for the holidays took a bigger chunk of my time than I thought it would, which led to me backing off from writing for this glorious website. Well, good news…I’m back!


Hearthstone: (gasp!!) I know, I know, I feel so dirty saying it but since
Christmas I have been playing a few games every week. A little background info for you: In the spring I used to play Hearthstone on my Mac but soon became..uh..disenchanted.. with the game and decided that it just wasn’t for me. Then after playing the World of Warcraft card game, I completely deleted Hearthstone. Well for Christmas this year, my sister bought me a Kindle HDX and, well, you
can only play so much Fruit Ninja so I grudgingly downloaded the Hearthstone app. I have to say that it’s amazing how much more I like Hearthstone on a tablet. The game itself still isn’t the greatest thing in the world to me but for some reason it feels less like a waste of time when I don’t have to fire up the Mac and log in to Battlenet. I can just tap the icon and it loads right up. I’m still not a daily player and probably will never be but before the tablet I hadn’t played a game in months. I also made the game slightly more enjoyable for
myself by not playing Ranked past Rank 20, which is just enough to earn the new card backing awarded at the end of season. Anything past 20 and I’m getting smoked by people who have multiple legendaries in their decks and clearly play a ton more than I do (and I suspect spend actual money to buy packs, something I
refuse to do). At least at 20 or above when I lose the games are all close for the most part. So, yes, at the moment, I am in fact playing Hearthstone and actually kind of enjoying it.

Dragon Quest IX (DS) (yes, again.): Well I found a couple of the hidden grottos in the game, completed a few side quests, beat the snot out of some monsters, did some level-grinding and went back and fought Corvus (the last boss) again. Same result. Same. F*****. Result. Why do you mock me, RPG Gods?!?!

Diablo 3 (360): Shawn brought this one over a couple of weekends ago and we played it for hour or so and I have to say I really liked it. I hadn’t had a chance to play it before but I loved the first 2 Diablos (and their expansions) for the PC. The 3rd game doesn’t has all of the classic Diablo chaos and mountains of loot that we all know and love. We both picked long-range combat characters and had a pretty sound strategy for the first few quests of the game. Shawn would cast a spell that slowed down our enemies and we would pick them off even before they could get to us. Of course things were going a bit too well and the difficulty ramped up a bit and we started dying a bit more frequently but it was still fun. It’s not all rainbows and kittens though, but we’ll get into that in our 4th podcast. Despite a couple of minor issues I’m looking forward to playing this one again.

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