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Fighter’s History (SNES): Commonly referred to as Karnov’s Revenge, this game is actually nothing like the first Karnov, which was a platformer/shooter for the NES. Fighter’s History is actually a fighter (re: Street Fighter clone) that was released on the SNES and the Neo Geo. This game is probably the closest thing to Street Fighter that I have played on the Snes, although not as good as Street Fighter (duh). In fact, It’s so close that Capcom actually filed a lawsuit against Data East. Enough about that unpleasantness though. As far as fighters go this game is really decent. I usually don’t have high hopes for any fighter released during the Genesis/Snes era, with the obvious exceptions of MK, SF, Killer Instinct and Samurai Shodown, but I have to say this one is worth picking up. There are 9 fighters to choose from, and as is the case with all 2D fighters, they have their own set of special moves complete with fireballs, flying spinning kicks, jumping uppercuts..hey..wait a sec…ahem..moving on! The controls are decent, there is no lag as you pull off a special move and go straight into a combo, and the backgrounds are definitely on the same level as Street Fighter 2. I actually found that the 1 player mode is fairly easy, even on the hard setting, so there isn’t too much replay value there. Karnov is the last boss, and his moves are predictable, so once you figure the pattern out he is easy to beat down so it takes the challenge out of the game a bit. I think the replay value lies within the Vs mode where you and a buddy can beat the bajeezus out of each other. Of course that value is limited as there are only 9 characters but still it’s worth the money as this game only goes for around $10 on eBay. Helpful hint: the speed can feel a little slow, especially when compared to today’s fighters, but go to the options menu and change the speed to fast and the game flows much better.

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