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shiningdarknessShining in the Darkness (Sega Genesis): Don’t be fooled by the “Shining” name, this game isn’t anything like Shining Force (2 of the best games for the Genesis by the way). This RPG is unique as it’s entirely in “3-D” first person. The story is pretty and 2 friends, a warrior and a mage, join forces to take down Dark Sol, who has kidnapped the Princess of Thornwood. The game takes place in 3 locations: the Castle of Thornwood, the village of Thornwood, where you buy weapons and items, and the Labyrinth, where you fight massive amounts of baddies in order to reach the next floor. This game, while pretty decent, can be really frustrating as well. Each floor is a maze and there is no map, each hallway looks the same, and the battles are random so you can’t avoid them. On more than one occasion I have launched into expletive riddled rants trying to find my way back out. I actually remember watching a friend play this game in middle school (god I’m old), and he basically had to hand-draw maps in order to find his way around. These days, there is You can just download the map JPEGs…but I haven’t reached that level of desperation yet. At it’s core, Shining in the Darkness is a typical RPG, your party levels up, learn spells, you buy weapons, etc…but it’s pretty challenging. If you haven’t tried this game out, I recommend giving it a shot. You can find a copy, complete with case, for around $10 on eBay.


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