Dragons of Fate Episode 9: Noob’s Book Club

A day late (but not a dollar short). Better late than never, as they say. Dragons of Fate Episode 9 starts to reveal that history has been changed, but that effect on the future (present?) remains to be seen. In this episode, I explore my relationship with a fictional character some. Raistlin used to be my favorite (before he went off the deep end), but in this series, Magius wins out. Episode 10 on Wednesday. Only 4 episodes left!

Give it a listen and let me know what you think. What did I do right? What can be improved? I want to make this work and take constructive criticism well. With no additional delay, download and listen to Dragons of Fate Episode 9. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

I chose my next book for Noob’s Book Club. Quinn loves Jurassic Park and he asked for the novels. I planned to buy them for Christmas, but Christine got them. As he read, he told me about the books. I last read them when the movie came out, 30 years ago. I forget much of what was in the book, so I plan to read that one next in the series.

Note: If you want to read along, find a copy at your local (or multinational conglomerate) book store to purchase and add to the conversation. I hope you enjoy my return to the podcasting arena and I look forward to bringing more content as time allows over the next few months.

2 Guys Gaming
2 Guys Gaming
Dragons of Fate Episode 9: Noob's Book Club

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