Jurassic Park Episode 14: Noob’s Book Club

Another of our patented unscheduled two week hiatuses done and I’m back with Jurassic Park Episode 14. As a result of the time off, I updated the schedule. I should still be able to get through all of the books, just at different times than expected. In this episode, I start the sixth iteration. While they tranq’d Big Rex, the velociraptors wreak havoc on the park. Dr. Grant goes out to turn the power back on and a major character in now RIP in pieces.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think. What did I do right? What can be improved? I want to make this work and take constructive criticism well. With no additional delay, download and listen to Jurassic Park Episode 14. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

The Schedule (for the rest of the year, pending changes if necessary):

  • “Jurassic Park” – Finish by the beginning of June
  • “The Poppy War” – June/July
  • “Dragons of Destiny” – August
  • “The Dragon Republic” – September
  • “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” – Halloween Season
  • “The Burning God” – November
  • “Dune” – December

Note: The schedule may change due to only being able to update twice a week until the end of the school year.

Note: If you want to read along, find a copy at your local (or multinational conglomerate) book store to purchase and add to the conversation. Summary provided by Spark Notes.

2 Guys Gaming
2 Guys Gaming
Jurassic Park Episode 14: Noob's Book Club

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