W.O.W TCG Monster Mage Warrior Control



Wait?! What?! A W.O.W deck?! Here at 2 Guys Gaming we refuse to let the World of Warcraft TCG die. Not only is it superior to Hearthstone (I hear the nerd rage already.), it’s now cheap as hell too! How cheap? Well, I picked up a booster box of the War of the Elements expansion for $20 a couple months ago. I actually made my money back just by selling one loot card that I pulled. Anyways, my point is that if you are not currently playing this game, or haven’t even tried it, do yourself a favor and buy a starter deck ($5) and give it a shot. (Kicks soapbox away) Ok, back to the deck list:

Overall Strategy

Pretty simple strategy really, just use Flash Freeze, Intercept, Behead, Menace and Terrifying Shout to keep your opponent’s side of the board locked down/clear, while your minions hit the opposing hero in the face.

The Deck (60 cards)

The Hero: Augh (Monster Mage/Warrior)

The Minions

2x Neferset Champion

1x Lockmaw

2x Pythisss, Herald of Frost

2x Pygmy Firebreather

2x Neferset Runecaster

2x Dun’zarg

1x Neferset Shieldguard

1x Mok’drul

The Abilities

4x Flash Freeze

3x Polymorph Pig

4x Behead

4x Intercept

4x Menace

1x Spell Ricochet

2x Dauntless Defender

2x Ice Lance

4x Terrifying Shout

1x Burning Rage

1x Monstrous Heal

1x Merciless Strikes

The Quests

3x Traitors!

4x A Bird in Hand

3x Spirits of Auchindoun

2x The Last Barov

4x The Fall of Neferset City

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