Silver Hand Recruit Paladin (Hearthstone:Wild)

Yup, you read that right, a Hearthstone deck list. I know, I know, for a couple of years now I’ve expressed my disdain for the game but I’m starting to come around. Since our “nerd nights” have become less frequent and the ol’ MTG group has disbanded, my competitive itch has not been scratched. This is where Hearthstone comes in. At first I was just playing as something to do but slowly I realized that I was starting to enjoy it. While I will forever maintain that W.O.W TCG was better and will forever hold a grudge against Blizzard for killing it, I can admit that my previous judgement of Hearthstone was…harsh.

Anyhoo, back to the decklist. This is a “Wild” format Paladin deck. The strategy is to overload the board with Silver Hand Recruits and pump them up with spells and minions’ abilities. There are different variations of this deck online but this is the one that I built and has worked wonders for me.

Paladin Class Cards

2 x Lost in the Jungle
2 x Righteous Protector
2 x Drygulch Jailor
2 x Equality
2 x Warhorse Trainer
1 x Steward of Darkshire
2 x Muster to Battle
2 x Quartermaster
2 x Lightfused Stegodon
1 x Level Up!
1 x Stand Against Darkness
1 x Crystal Lion
2 x Vinecleaver
2 x Consecration
1 x Truesilver Champion

2 x Silver Hand Regent
2 x Knife Juggler
1 x Shielded Mini-bot

Mulligan Strategy:
You should aim to have a Lost in the Jungle, Drygulch Jailor, or a Shielded Mini-bot in your opening hand. With Lost in the Jungle being the better option of the three. Right away you get 2 minions on the board to pressure your opponent.

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