Hearthstone Deck List – Priest N’Zoth Greed (Wild)


Chris posted a HearthstoneA�deck list a couple of days ago.A� I checked it out and then texted him with encouragement.A� It’s a Paladin aggro list and those are very strong in Wild right now.A� I used one that I threw together to beat the same poor soul three times in a row by turn 5 in each game to finish off a quest that I had to do.

His post inspired me to think about maybe with some possibility probably posting one of my own.A� I have this debilitating controlly greed Priest deck that I use to crush any hope out of my opponent.A� I told Chris that I can almost see the point at which they realize that it’s hopeless and give up on the game even though they are an anonymous avatar in a computer game.

The Deck

Some Notes

The deck hasn’t been updated with any new cards for maybe two expansions.A� So, it probably isn’t as strong as it could be.A� I do know that I discovered a cube from my curator in one game that seems like it could be very strong in the deck.A� Maybe I’d remove one or both of the curators so that I just had the cubes without having to rely on discover.A� I also only have one shifting shade, so maybe cutting a Shrinkmeister for another Shade would add that extra death rattle minion for your eventual N’Zoth.

The only board clear is Nova, which generally isn’t an issue.A� With the Velen’s Chosen cards and the Thalnos, you can generally get a 3 or 4 damage nova.A� I don’t know much about the meta of wild, but a Lightbomb might also be an addition if you wanted to swap out one of the Novas.A� Other than that, I have good success with the deck as it is.A� The one downside is getting stuck with a heavy hand or the Shrinkmeister without any other minion.


I usually hard mulligan for a cleric against most decks.A� The card draw let’s you cycle through the deck and get to your heavy hitters/defensive cards quicker.A� Having a Shrinkmeister is nice, too for decks like Shaman or Paladin, that can coin or play big minions on 2.A� Aside from that, just shoot for a low curve out hand so that you are making a play each turn and getting that board presence.A� PW: Shield and Velen’s chosen allow you to get great value trades and a follow up Holy Nova often wipes their boards completely.

Entombs are there to clean up possible big taunts/high impact minions.A� It can also be used for those pesky 4 attack minions that people think they’ll play to give you trouble.A� Then again, a Shrinkmeister/SW: Pain or Cabal Shadow Priest will give you a big to massive swing in the early game with Pain or the late game with the Shadow Priest.A� Once you’ve exhausted all of their resources, the N’Zoth turn is often back breaking.

I’m no professional deck builder.A� I just put together things that I think are fun.A� This one plays right into my fun police player profile and it gets good results most of the time. If you have any constructive criticism, I’d like to hear it.A� L2P Noob?A� I’ve heard that all before.

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